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Sofia #1 most popular location
Bulgaria’s capital, an essential stop off on any eastern European tour, has plenty to shout about, sitting as it does perfectly in amongst the mountains and being home to more than 7000 yea…
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Sunny Beach #2 most popular location
Sunny Beach is biggest and most popular Bulgarian Black Sea resorts. Situated in a beautiful half-moon shaped bay, it is looking east therefor having the most beautiful sunrise. The north end…
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Bansko #3 most popular location
Bansko is one of the world's newest ski resorts and is a perfect place for a skiing holiday for beginners and intermediates. Bansko offers some good runs, very new lifts and gondola. Prices a…
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Varna #4 most popular location
Varna is a fantastic place for a bit of sun, sea and...partying. Long stretch of beach, lined with bars which are open all day and night, as well as plenty of clubs to keep you happy til the …
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Golden Sands #5 most popular location
Golden Sands is a holiday resort in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. In recent years, Golden Sands has become increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world. It boasts stunning scene…
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Sozopol #6 most popular location
Sozopol is a ancient town and seaside resort located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The permanent local population close to 5000 people, however the number of tourists which visit the city…
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Veliko Turnovo #7 most popular location
Veliko Turnovo (also known as Veliko Tarnovo and Veliko Tyrnovo) is the previous Bulgarian capital city from the Second Bulgarian Empire. One of Bulgaria's primary tourist destinations, Ve…
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Plovdiv #8 most popular location
Plovdiv is the second biggest Bulgarian city, placed in the middle of the country on the banks of the Maritsa River. It can trace its history back for millennia (8000 years) and there are old…
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Nesebar #9 most popular location
Nesebyr (Nesebar or Nesebur) is one of the oldest European cities founded by the Thracian in in the 2nd millennium BC. Later one being Byzantine, Roman, Greek and Bulgarian key trading seapo…
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Borovets #10 most popular location
Pamporovo #11 most popular location
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Burgas #12 most popular location
As one of the main coastal cities Burgas has not only great history, but an array of activities. There are three main streets to explore. Aleko Bogoridi is a beautiful pedestrian street with …
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Kiten #13 most popular location
What was previously known as a small coastal village has boomed into a little town full of life. The streets are now primarily pedestrian streets, as so many people spend their days walking f…
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Sandanski #14 most popular location
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Tsarevo #15 most popular location
Tsarevo, along with many other coastal villages, has been transformed into a nice sized little town. Its main street featuring coffee shops and stores where you can find just about anything. …
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Ruse #16 most popular location
Ruse is a tourist city just waiting for tourists. Ruse's development as a settlement is due to its position on the south bank of the River Danube where the river was deep enough for it to …
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Lozenets #17 most popular location
Lozenets is a really tiny town, which quite honestly I still would consider a village, as its got 2 main streets. Its a cute little place, not necessarily a place that you would pinpoint your…
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Koprivshtitsa #18 most popular location
Koprivshtitsa...somewhere unlikely to be on a person's itinerary, but definitely worth a visit, if only for one day. Amazing 'house museums' to visit which show a bit of Bulgarian traditions …
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Gabrovo #19 most popular location
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Stara Zagora #20 most popular location
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Rila Monastery #21 most popular location
The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, better known as the Rila Monastery (Bulgarian: Рилски манастир, Rilski manastir) is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery i…
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Vidin #22 most popular location
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Sarafovo #23 most popular location
Pleven #24 most popular location
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Kalofer #25 most popular location
Rila #26 most popular location
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Rousse #27 most popular location
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Fazanovo #28 most popular location
Fazanovo is a small village off about 10 miles off the Black Sea coast. The nearest known town/village is Lozenets. It is sittuated on one of the nearby mountains, and the drive to there …
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Kazanluk #29 most popular location
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Khaskovo #30 most popular location
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Svilengrad #31 most popular location
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Alexandrovo #32 most popular location
Jeravna #33 most popular location
The village of Jeravna is sittuated in the East part of the Balkan mountain range, and stands in a green valley along the mountain range. At a population of 500 residence, its a picturesque v…
Marinka #34 most popular location
Chirpan #35 most popular location
Stralja #36 most popular location
Stralja is a beautiful little village, near Sliven and Yambol. The people are incredibly sweet, and are all primarily farmers. The village has lots of statues and monuments back from the comm…
Lyubimets #37 most popular location
Sopot #38 most popular location
Kharmanli #39 most popular location
Varvara #40 most popular location
Kraymorie #41 most popular location
Kraymorie is a little sea village just a few kilometers south of the port of the busy port city of Burgas, but it seems somehow remote and distant. In the summer Bulgarians come down to the …
Berievo #42 most popular location
Gradets #43 most popular location
A village in Southeastern Bulgaria in the minisipality, Sliven Provence. It is the second most populous village in Bulgaria and is known for its high population of Bulgarian Roma, gypsies. It…
Kapitan Andreevo #44 most popular location
Sofia Airport #45 most popular location