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#1 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
TheJohnsons says: "Great location off one of the many side streets of the main square of the old to..."
#2 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
Vlindeke says: "And again a hotel on a very good location. Hotel Atlas is located in historical ..."
#3 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
Jeroenadmiraal says: "Komils boutique bed and breakfast is located right next to the city center at..."
#4 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
hauteboy says: "We spent two nights at the Lyabi House hotel in Bukhara, 60/night for a double,..."
#5 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
Biedjee says: "When walking to the hotel Nasruddin Navruz next door see review as well I was ..."
#6 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
RobertPenna says: "We were a group of 10 Americans who were the first guests at the Bibi-Khanum Bou..."
#7 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
Biedjee says: "I had made a reservation at this hotel following recommendations on both the Int..."
#8 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
The Amulet Hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a tour desk as well as babysitting / child services, meeting rooms and a business centre....
#9 of 9 hotels in Bukhara
There are no reviews or descriptions of Hotel Asia Bukhara yet. Have you stayed here? Write a review.
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