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Buhoma is a small community located in western Uganda. It is the gateway to the famous Bwindi Impenetrable forrest - home of the mountain Gorillas. Buhoma is well known for it's community efforts. In 1993 they set up a community lodging to raise funds to help better the community. The Buhoma community Rest camp was set up to enable the community to benefit from gorilla tourism in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

This camp is primarily managed and run by community members and all proceeds are shared with the local community through assistance in financing the local schools and clinics. There is an associated women's group, Bwindi Progressive Women's Group, which makes handicrafts and puts on performances of local music and dance for visitors. Part of the proceeds from the women's group's activities is being used to fund a maize mill for the community. Currently, the local people have to travel, often on foot, 25km to get their crops ground.

Accommodation is provided in clean well maintained traditional huts called "bandas". These are upgraded bandas because they have solar lighting in each banda. Washing and toilets facilities however are local and warm water is heated using firewood.

Variety of food options to choose from.

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