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Vientiane, Laos
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Buddha Park Vientiane Reviews

andrejav andrejav
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Budda Park (Xieng Khuan) Jun 07, 2013
Buddha Park was the premier place that I wanted to visit during my stay in Vientiane. Friends that we met on the way to the city told us about creativity and different style of figures that can be seen in this place. It is REALLY FANTASTIC. There is something for everyone. Only issue is that this place is a bit further away from the city. You will need some kind of transportation to get there, and there are some organized tours, taxi, or you can rent cheep scooter and bruum bruuuum Fee to get in the park is symbolic and parking is charged almost the same amount. Some distance away but worth the hustle. I stayed there and explored the figurines and the big “pumpkin” for couple of hours…
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edregin edregin
20 reviews
Weird yet Wonderful Park Mar 14, 2012
I couldn't remember how far exactly we traveled from the hotel to this park but perhaps a 30-40 minute travel time (I hope my memory serves me correct). We hired a private car (for a day's trip) and this was the first site we visited with the day's itinerary.

Vientiane Laos maybe known as the capital city but while we were heading to the Buddha Park, all the places we passed by was just too quite...the streets were too plain quite really with not much of vehicles and people. I had a good time traveling though as there was no traffic, but the road closer to this park gets a bit bumpy as not cemented.

The car stopped and I wasn't really impressed looking at the park from afar. I didn't expect much on what to see inside and how it would be like once I get to enter the place (yes! I didn't research more about the place before I came here - all I know is that this is one of the interesting places to visit, hehe). Anyway, I paid 5000kip for the entrance fee and 3000kip for my camera.

Once inside the small park I got totally amazed! I was very glad we decided to come here. The 03 storey pumpkin inspired temple is surreal. As scary as I was (to enter a mouth of a demons head) I went inside and climbed the temple (I am calling it myself a temple). Each storey has got sculptures inside. It was crazy to see those sculptures of different designs of humans and gods with not much light. Guess it would have been cooler if there was a guide who could tell more stories of the place.

Aside from the notable 03 storey pumpkin temple (you should really climb it I recommend), you will also see a big reclining Buddha, sculptures of gods, demons, skulls and a lot more. When you get to visit Vientiane you should visit this place. It's worth the visit and it is not expensive either (well it could be expensive if you think about us as we went by a car but we all shared for it, so it's still cheap). To come here can be accessed by a bus, tuktuk or perhaps a bike if you get to know of the best/right route or have the hotel arrange a car for you =)
the 03 storey pumpkin temple
small windows inside the 03 storey…
inside the storey 1
Got a pic inside the mouth, tiwas!
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sherrybaby86 sherryba…
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disappointing and expensive to get there! Nov 08, 2012
I had been told about this Buddha park by several people before coming to Laos. On my 4th trip to Vientiane, finally decided to check it out.

It is outside the city of Vientiane, on the banks of the Mekong river, relatively close to the Friendship Bridge border crossing into Thailand. It cost me $30US dollars for the taxi ride there, which I thought was quite expensive, seeing as though it only cost me 200baht ($6) from the border to my hotel.

The park itself only costs 5000kip to enter, which is very cheap. I was quite disappointed when I found out the buddha ruins are less than 60years old. I was expecting them to be hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Besides them being "fake" in a way, they were interesting to look at and walk amongst, but definitely not worth the $30 to get there.

It was good for passing time, but other than that, I would not recommend this place.
@ buddha park
@ buddha park
@ buddha park
@ buddha park
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Marlinagreat Marlinag…
4 reviews
Buddha Park ~ Vientiane Laos May 21, 2011
Do not miss the Buddha Park in Vientiane Laos. Just take a brief trip to this park while you are in Laos. This Buddha statue is the biggest i ever saw in my life.. in this park also have many others statue created. From my point of view, the buddha face and sleeping position is very huge..you could just enjoy it by looking it and amaze about it.. To go to this park is easy, find buss terminal & buss no 14 (front window) could take you there in 45 minutes.
Buddhe Park in Laos. I was glad th…
Marlinagreat Marlinag…
4 reviews
Huge Buddha Statue I ever saw in my life May 21, 2011
Guy,,, Buddha Park located in Vientiane Laos. Inside this park, you could find one of the Biggest Buddha status, and he is in sleeping position, the good things is you could see his face in any direction within the park. The Best time to visit Buddha Park is in the afternoon when the sky is blue & bright,, Do not miss it when you are in Vientiane Laos.. Just take public bus from the terminal and it take 45 minutes to reach the park. The Buss No 14 (front window) take you to this park with cost 5000 and it cheap.. Do not miss it and I guarantee you will like it - just spend 1 hour max in this park and you wil find out How the park can make your day nice...
the gate to the top of the park.
once arriave in buddha park, go to…
20 reviews
A pleasant diversion Sep 29, 2009
I have heard other travelers refer to this as "grotesque" or "gawdy." It is a sculpture park, okay? And like any art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes? For me, it was well worth the 40-minute drive to spend a couple of hours here.

I combined this with an all-day sightseeing trip, arranged through my hotel. After a bit of haggling, the whole day cost for the car & driver was $25 USD, not including tip and entrance fees.

By the way, if you go inside "the big pumpkin," you can climb the stairs from hell to heaven. And a nice view of the entire park awaits you from the top.
"Come here little doggy".... gulp!
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Oct 15, 2004
Buddha Park located next to Mekong river, 25 km west from Vientiane, There are many Buddha images as we belief there were a Hindu relation to and one temple name Wat Khek in Nongkhai, also has the same roots as this Park.

Its a good destination to kill time over here relaxing place which is out of town a little bit and if it hot season i would refer to start your trip in the morning and relaxing have lunch and over looking at Mekong flow...that is one of the famous place to visit cause you will see the imaged telling story of Heaven and Hell:)

At one end of the park is the "Savan" meant HEAVEN where the spirits of good people are known to reside and bring harmony to the land. The best way to reach the park is to take bus number 14 from the main bus station from Talat Khoa Din next to Morning Market. Tell the driver where you are going and he will let you off at the right stop as well as you can take a Tuk-Tuk or Taxi but that will cost you little more.
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JJguinness says:
Nice review. I hope to visit there on my trip in November.
Posted on: Apr 05, 2012

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