Bronx Zoo

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2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY, USA

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patrickst patrickst
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To many kids Aug 04, 2009
I usually like to go to zoo’s, having a look at the animals and storing around the park. And I know that zoo’s mean a lot of kids, but this was just to match. It was a Wednesday morning we went on the number 5 train going uptown in to the Bronx and going to The Bronx Zoo.

The Zoo is ok, I have seen better but it is a nice place to walk about and having a look at the animals. The thing was that a lot of schools were closed because of The Swine Flu and I think that they loaded all this kids up in school busses en they went to The Bronx Zoo. I don’t mean a couple of hundred but thousands and thousands of screaming kids all over the place. There teachers trying to get a grip on the whole situation but failing in the worst possible way. Thirst we thought we could ignore them but there are just too many of them. After a hour we had enough an took the number 5 train back to the city.

I now New York is busy and there are a lot of people there. I like that, what I didn’t know was that there ware so many kids in New York as well.

A good alternative for The Bronx Zoo is on the other side of this planet. The Zoo in Singapore. A better zoo and the kids are defiantly not as loud as their colleagues in New York.
The Bronx Zoo aand thousands of sc…
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kag2110 kag2110
5 reviews
Fun for Families... Don't Miss the Gorilla exhibit Jan 31, 2009
The Bronx Zoo is a great place for all NYC visitors and residents. The zoo arranges animals by the continent on which they live. This allows animals to remain in a natural habitat.

The zoo has some exhibits that cost extra, most are not worth the money. However, the gorilla exhibit is AWESOME! Not only does your money go towards saving the gorillas, you are able to see many African animals that are becoming extinct. There are two or three rooms that include gorilla families that you can view through huge plexi-glass windows. The gorillas interact just like people... giving high fives, playing hide and seek, and tag.

Spend a day at the zoo... its free on Wednesdays!

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