Bronte Beach

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Bronte, Australia
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lisalush lisalush
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Sep 12, 2006
Right. Bronte Beach. The nice Bondi.

Bronte is smaller than Bondi butmuchmuch less commercial. Its more of a local beach but still its right next door to Bondi so tourists are still around but you can stretch out without kicking sand at an English person on your right and an Irish on your left.

The water is beautifully pristine, no parade of shops or pubs.

The beach is offset with a park which has great pay per time barbeques and shaded gazebo like picnic table areas. It’s a fantastic place to kick about with a game of cricket, frisbee or footy with your mates or family.

Not being a surfer I'm not sure what the surfing is like in this area of the beach and now I think of it I don't think I've seen many people surfing here although I’m sure you’re able to.

Behind the beach last time I was there... is approx five middle of the road (in price) restaurants and cafes. I think a couple were fine dining. I have had a glorious 4 course lunch in one of them and later wandered down to the beach for the evening sun. Amazing way to spend any day of the week.

The best best best bestBEST way to get there is to get a bus to Bondi beach... (don't stay there too long - can you tell I'm anti Bondi yet?) walk around the cliff coastline to Bronte. Its called the Bondi to Bronte and very much an important part of the locals life. Ask any local and they will tell you how many times a week they do the ‘circuit’. It is meant to be quite grueling because of the extensive exercise prompts along the way.... monkey bars and all sorts of things. I've never done the run so don't remember all the bits and pieces. I can tell you the walk is magnificent… but be careful of the sun. It seems to be burn you more along this route, sounds a bit mad I know.

To complete the walk or circuit, if you’ve been brave, its best with a few lengths without dodging surfers, swimmer and kids head to the oversized beach pool at the other side of Bronte beach. It is such an amazing feeling swimming in the pool and having the surf crash over you.

You can continue through Bronte Beach onto the track at the other end and walk right around to Tamarama Beach... if I get the time I'll write a review on Tamarama as well.

Most people would appreciate being saved at the beach if they were in trouble in the water and Bronte Beach pool now also boasts baptisms for those whose troubles transcends sharks, rips and sandy wedgy’s.

For the rest of us the rockpools around Bronte are incredible and you can easily lose hours poking and prodding little squirmy things, chasing crabs and bruising, not least your pride from sliding on the slippery rocks.
Rock pool heaven!
Do a few laps get fit... pay a few…
Amanda says:
I want to go here, too!! This sounds awesome!!! MORE! I want MORE!! Tee Hee....
Posted on: Sep 12, 2006
Eric says:
The pool sounds pretty cool. Ocean surf without any of the sharks and riptides.
Posted on: Sep 12, 2006
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