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trippin_jen trippin_…
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British Airways Aug 23, 2015
My first time taking BA, and it happened to be my longest flight of 13.5 hours from KL - London.

First class was lit in blue. Nice! But still 'smaller' than Asiana's business class. So I was curious to go to the next cabin where my seat was - club world.

First impression: wtf! What kind of maze design is that? Seats arranged in zig-zag, very narrow seats, crowded and congested, lack privacy. This design I feel is suitable if you're traveling with family/close friends. Otherwise it's like having a couple seat with a total stranger. While there's a shutter to divide the seats, the cabin crew tend to constantly push it down to talk to the passenger seated in the middle row, or pass them their meals.Zig-zag also means some seats were facing the back, so you're basically flying backwards. Weird! Also, the foot rests for these zig-zagged seats are blocking the way. Need to go to the laboratory? Jump over your neighbour!

I've never seen business class having so many seats. For the other airlines I've taken like Singapore airlines, Thai airways, Asiana, Malaysia airline, they all have much bigger and spacious seats. BA seem to divide the other airlines's 1 seat size into 2, making the size of their seats half the size of other airlines. The seating arrangement is 2-2-2 or 1-2-1... BA is 2-4-2. Crazy!!

No doubt they have a lot of room for leg, but the seats are only as wide as other airlines' economy seats. If you're seated in the middle, you're crushed between 2 others. If you're seated at the aisle, it's so open everyone can see you sleeping. Even when your chair is made flat into a bed, the dividers are not wide enough to give you privacy. If you're taking the window seat, you're like sitting in a chicken hole, so cornered you're almost non existent.

Because there are so many seats there for this class, the cabin crew addresses everyone with sir/mdm, while other airlines' crews memorizes everyone's names and greet them by name even when leaving the plane.

Movie selection was extremely limited for such a long flight and only like 3 Chinese movies and no other international languages. Singapore airlines probably has 5x more selection of movies and international screenings.

Their service however is worth a compliment. Very friendly and polite crew, but that's about all I can say.

BA's meals are also the best and tastiest airline food I've tried so far.

Overall, I think for the price I'm paying, it's not worth it. Just imagine paying for business class but having your seat split into two.
BA first class
BA first class
'Couple seats' facing the back of …
Club world zig-zag arrangement.Lik…
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gardkarlsen says:
I have also flown them a couple of times and I agree with you :-)
Posted on: Aug 24, 2015
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GeorgeLeach GeorgeLe…
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British Airways Feb 09, 2013
The United Kingdom's flagship carrier is one of the world's major and most recongised airlines and with good reason. A myrid of destinations and suprisingly reasonable prices. As usual with a large carrier food, drink and as much extra luggage as you want is included in the price which can, if you need to take a lot for a week's holiday or so, actually make it more cost effective than more famed low-cost carriers, suprisingly.

While not the best I've ever flown with, it's certainly one I often look too as both the price and service are very good for long haul flights, specifically if you are flying transatlantic. Comfortable seats and good in-flight entertainment options help the time fly by and the Executive Club loyalty programme can be suprisingly rewarding if you know how to use it correctly.

Good for atlantic crossings and even flights to Europe and Africa but a but pricey towards the Far East.

So far I've used BA for return flights to Copenhagen, Madrid, New York and Hong Kong and, with the exception of Hong Kong which suffered from delays, they all been good flights. I think the service has dramatically improved in recent years in terms of crew, food and drink and general experience in my opinion.
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hayley499 hayley499
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really good service Mar 06, 2011
I have had a few british airways flights they have all been on time with friendly helpfull crew. Seat back tvs. With a good amount of leg room however im put of flying ba because of all the airline strikes they are having.
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JoeriNL JoeriNL
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Unlike many others: positive experience with BA Dec 13, 2010
I booked my first transatlantic flight in 2005 with British Airways. It saved me over 200 euro to change planes in London compared to a direct flight. The flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow was almost complete filled with businessmen complaining about the louzy breakfast (they were correct about that). The service was alright though, and the flight was perfectly on time. The downside was Heathrow: waiting. This was the same after the smooth transfer at Heathrow, waiting again. That airport is just at its limit. Nowadays the new terminal 5 is open, but I haven't heard too many positive stories about that either. The flight from London to New York was pretty good. Decent service, the wine didn't stop coming, and friendly personnel. The return flight was similar. Altogether: nothing wrong with BA!
British Airways 737 at Schiphol.
British Airways 777 at Heathrow.
ratu ratu
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The worst Feb 03, 2010
I have flight with BA 1 Intercontinental and 2 international flights. In all of these flight I saw the same:

- Old, dirty and broken Planes.

- Unuseful and unfriendly personel.

- Caothic ground services (Check in...).

I didn't have any problem with my luggage (Hand luggage), didn't loose any flight (but I run like 15 minutes crossing Heathrow for not loosing my intercontinental flight) and didn't fight with their personel.

So if you have an other option, forget BA!
Africancrab Africanc…
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British Airways to Cape Town, South Africa Feb 19, 2009
In 2003 I flew British Airways to Londond to help my sister find a home to live in for the next 4 years as a diplomat. I then flew from Heathrow to Cape Town to meet my boyfriend. Don had bought me an upgrade from Londond to Cape Town to ensure I did not arrive tired and utterly exhausted. I found there was plenty room even with the seat reclined using the upgrade, however the flight to London on inbound was painful with very little leg room, no tto mention the very expensive price we had paid. The food was tastless and almost insulting.

The seat back screen wassmall but ok with large selection of programmes, headsets were provided at no additional cost. What I did not like was the hostesses behaved like if they smiled they would lose their jobs . . . BA can do better in customer service
Vikram says:
BA are not the best in service, but far better than American carriers, which of course isn't saying much!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
aelder2259 aelder22…
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Good service onboard, but lousy ground service Mar 14, 2009
We flew on Britsh Airways from Seattle to London in 2007. The service was wonderful both directions and the food was slightly better than expected. What ticked me off, however, was that our bags were left sitting on the tarmac in the rain instead of on our plane. When our luggage arrived a day later, our clothes were damp, which wasn't that big of a deal. But we had taken expensive costumes to wear at Carnival in Venice (another leg of our trip) and they could have been totally ruined.
larissa7 larissa7
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British Airways Sep 29, 2009
Amsterdam - London - Moscow 2008

Hongkong - London - Amsterdam 2008
Quest Quest
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the worst airline company when it comes to luggage handling Apr 27, 2008
After flying with British Airways twice, and they managed to lose my bags 3 times, I found that I will never use their services again.

They might be ok if you're just flying one stretch with them. But when changing flights in London, whether it's to another BA flight or like I did the second time, changing to an American Airline flight, they got to be the worst in the class handling luggage.

First time I flew to LA, they lost my bag on the way home. Second time, they lost my bag BOTH ways. I got it back after 5 days, both there and here at home, and I guess I was lucky to get it back at all. But it just shouldn't be that difficult to ship the luggage with the flight you're actually on!

After I was home from LA the second time, I read in the newspaper about a survey that had been done on all the major airliners about luggage handling, and it turned out that BA was THE WORST, and lost more luggage then all the others combined! Not exactly someone you would trust, now is it? As for me; I'll never fly with them again.
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Stigen says:
That`s some pretty bad luck :)
Posted on: Mar 06, 2011
ottielisa says:
hey they lost my bags as well on my way home from mexico!! i was away from home for over 2 month and had most of my things in my 2 bags they lost! good luck i got them back the next day!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2010
liquidsword says:
hmm.... nothing new....thats the trade mark of BA, loosing luggage, long waiting, flight delay, cancilation...extra ...extra
Posted on: Jul 29, 2009
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