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my hometown Oct 01, 1999
First of all, I think it's hard to review your hometown. What for me is 'normal', could be special for somebody else... My view on Breezand changed at the moment I lived on Aruba for a year.

22 January 1982, my birthday. I’ve been born at home in Breezand. Breezand is a smalle village located 10 km south from Den Helder in ‘de kop van Noord-Holland’. It’s just a village where you keep run into each other. That starts when you’ve been born. The mothers visit each other to tell about how sweet their baby is ;). Despite Breezand is a small village (3.500 residents) it had 3 primary schools: St. Jan, Regenboog and the Zandhorst. I went to last one. It’s the only school without bible =). I started to make friends on the Zandhorst. When I was 5 I wanted to play football. “All my friends play football mom” (just one =). My parents told me that I first have to get my swimdiploma. I did and I was 6 when I started to play football at the sportsclub Z.A.P. That’s the only footballclub in Breezand. Besides my ‘old’ friends, I’m seeing new friends from different schools at ZAP. The group of friends starts to get bigger and bigger.

At the age of 10 I get interested by money. “If you want some money, you’ve to work for it”. It isn’t strange to work at that age in Breezand. There is always work at the bulbcultivators. Bulbcultivation is the number one raison you might know Breezand. So during schoolbreaks every kid in Breezand earning its money by working in the bulbcultivation =).

I went to highschool in Den Helder. Every day on the bike with, the way to big bag =D. Some said I was nuts, even when it rained, snowed or freeze over I CYCLE TO DEN HELDER (every day I still do). Most of the time my friends cycle along. Besides playing football, being at the same school and cycling with each other, I’m sure each friendship needs more maintenance. With maintenance I mean drinking a beer (or two) =P. Till now my friends and I maintain every week. We hang out in bars, in the canteen of ZAP, birthdays, vacations etc. We’re with 23 men and women. Almost all are couples. People who just met us say: you’re a real tight fun group of good friends, treasure it! And that’s why I’m still working and live in Breezand. But I want to extend my group to the rest of the world, interested? =P

In 2002 I became a Dutch marine. I went to Iraq. A real eye-opener. I may never complain again with what I have. The most of the world may not complain! Kids playing in the gutter next to their dead relatives…

2 years later My girlfriend and I went to Aruba. We lived there for a year. What a beautiful island! Ok, a year is long enough =). The people are to relaxed… If I make an appointment I’ll be right on time. They don’t! Not even close. I can’t get used to it =). We enjoyed the island very much, though. Always a nice temperature, sunshine day in day out. We got our Padi and motor license there. Still something was missing: the seasons. We were used to seasons. The seasons in Holland colours nature every day. In the winter it’s cold and the days are dark. Christmas should be cold, not hang out at the pool in my short :P. My favourite season is spring. In the early morning, sun is peaking through the dew I smell the freshness while I’m cycling in the sun. Flowers, plants and trees become green and start to bloom. Can you imagine the smell of thousands hectares of bulbflowerfields in bloom?

I love Holland! I’ll stay here the rest of my live, but I want to visit as many different countries just to compare. Lol! =p

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schoenfaltern says:
I remember all the beautiful scenery of Holland, even though it was about 14 years ago! (I feel so old, lol). I think I'm due for another trip there!
Posted on: Jan 27, 2010
jarno_leijen says:
Oke, I'll see you there ;)
Posted on: Oct 29, 2009
tinni says:
I've been planning to come and visit my dutch- friend sometime next year.. So maybe it'll be april/may and then I will ask him to take me to Breezand to see that Spring- beautiness you have told in here. :D
Posted on: Oct 13, 2009
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