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Brcko is in the Northeastern corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of the strategic location, which connects the Republic of Srpska to greater Serbia, official status of the city was withheld from the Dayton Peace Accords. Currently held in condominium by the RS and the Federation, Brcko is one of the most prosperous and ethnically integrated cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A trip across the Sava River will take the adventurous traveler into Croatia, or a bus trip to Bijeljina provides a launching point to Belgrade. Sarajevo is 3-4 hours from Brcko by car/bus, depending on the traffic in the mountain passes.
Local accommodations can be found at Posavina Hotel, located near the center of the city or at the new Hotel Jelena, which is adjacent to the main grocery store, Interex.
For food, simply head any local bakery or restaurant and order either Burek (a meat filled pastry), cevapi (sausages served with ljepina, a delightful bread), or corba (pronounced "Chorba"), a delightful, hearty soup often served in the cooler months.
A trip to Brcko is not complete without visiting the Arizona Market, located about 20-30 minutes outside of Brcko. Serving as the largest market in Eastern Europe, one can find a myriad of gifts, gadgets, or Balkan memorabilia. DO NOT leave the market without trying the roasted lamb served with a shot of plum brandy, also known as rakija or slivovica (just tell the server, hocu piti rakiju -- pronounced ho-chu pitee rock-e-ya).