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Calgary, Canada

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ladyluck13and7 ladyluck…
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Calgary: A river runs through it. Aug 21, 2010
The Bow river is right outside my apartment.

It apparently runs through all of Alberta, raising property values (and flood insurance rates) where ever its clear and pretty waters run.

Filthy rich people buy mansions along the Bow in Calgary so they can show off to everybody how they can afford to pay large sums of money when their houses get flooded every single year.

What is there to do in the Bow River in Calgary?

Supposedly you can fish for trout, but in my entire 23 years of existence, I have never heard of anyone going fishing and catching anything except West Nile virus from the mosquitoes along the banks.

***Note: I should mention this review pertains to only the portion of the Bow River in Calgary, elsewhere the fishing is deemed to be excellent.

You can go swimming too, but only if you are a masochist or have genitalia you wish to freeze off, then it is a wonderful and enjoyable swim.

So the only activities are really just pretending to fish, and rafting.

Rafting is fun, but the municipal government has a bad case of nanny-syndrome and doesn't let you drink alcohol and also forces you to wear a life vest.

The former is awful for obvious reasons, the

latter is terrible because there are all kinds of attractive and scantily-clad people who like to raft too, and the view is tragically obscured by the mandatory flotation device.

You can rent a raft, life jackets and paddles at the University of Calgary.

Or you can just make some goddamn friends and use their gear.

When ever we raft, we hide our booze under towels and metal flasks. When we drink way too much it is never a problem as we are completely surrounded by water. This is another very good reason not to swim in the Bow.

There are few things better in life than being drunk and floating on an inflatable raft on a sunny day.

I think heaven is an eternity of floating along the Bow, drunk and pretending to be a shipwrecked sailor.

The municipal government enjoys using the Bow as another excuse to spend money. Right now they want to "Celebrate the Bow".

So how do they plan to celebrate?

I have noticed city guys dumping gigantic balls into the river. Apparently they glow in the dark. I don't know how dumping plastic into a clean (with some exceptions as per mentioned above) river is supposed to "raise environmental awareness about our water supply".

Personally a glowing river freaks me out and makes me think about Chernobyl.

To me it's like setting fire to a forest and telling everyone it's to raise awareness about the dangers of forest fires.

Come down and float with me along the Bow. Amongst the glowing balls.

P.S. Will add pictures of the balls soon
These balls are supposed to glow. …
View from my apartment
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Chokk says:
Clare - I always enjoy your sarcasm. You have a very dry way to comment the obvious.
Posted on: Sep 23, 2010
fransglobal says:
Vance, I think it's time for you to bow out with your attempts at humour...
Posted on: Aug 22, 2010
ladyluck13and7 says:
I'm always on target with my critiques!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2010
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mrkcty mrkcty
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Floating or Rafting down Bow River, Tour the City in relax mode! Sep 16, 2008
The Bow River runs through Calgary, and from here you can relax and enjoy some of the sights along the river.

Basically you do one of two "trips." Each takes a good amount of time, about half of a day. You could do both in a day, but start early, as the temperature usually cools right down in the evening. You will need equipment, however. SportsRent of the University Outdoor Centre can rent gear out for pretty cheap. You need lifejackets, both for safety and not getting slapped with a hefty ticket (last I heard $500) from bylaw officers. Also, get caught with beer or other booze and thats a HYOOGE fine too.

Option A) Prepare ahead by leaving one car at where you plan to get off the river, then drive to start point. Starting at Bowness Park (48 Ave and 88 St NW) @ Stoney Trail overpass, plop in your raft, strap the vests, grab your snacks and set afloat! If more than one raft, don't tie them together, for safety's sake. Along this route, goes past Downtown, good views. Last point to get out at Inglewood, 12 St and 8 Ave SE.

IMPORTANT: Get out BEFORE the weir at Calgary Zoo/Cushing River, or face certain DEATH.

Option B) Get in after the weir. Try Blackfoot Tr/Deerfoot area. (W Blackfoot, turn right on 17A St, then onto gravel rd and get your gear set). Good scenes along this way, more landscape, less cityscape. Get out at Fish Creek Park at the end of Bow Bottom Trail(quite a long route). Boat launch there, so good place to park, or get picked up!

Smooth sailing!
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