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Boryspil Airport Overview

The Air Gate of Ukraine - this is how then town is often called.
The Ukrainian International airport is called Boryspil after Boryspil County of Kiev region on whose territory it is located.
One day I saw off my American friend Jim to the airport in Kiev and we had to stay overnight. Since the International Airport hotel was full, we had to go to the nearby town of Boryspil and to stay at one of its five or six hotels.
Boryspil is one of the ancient towns of Kiev region. The first mention about this town dates back to early 11th century. The place was mentioned as Letch.Prince Boris, a son of Prince Vladimir, died in a battle in this area in 1019. It was a civil war of 1015-1019. To honor the memory of his son, Prince Vladimir Monomach who ruled Kiev Rus in 1113-1125 erected a stone church at the place of Boris’ death.
The town got its present name “Boris Town” in the 16th century when the area was owned by a monastery.
Boryspil is a county center of Kiev region now. At present about 55,000 people live in Boryspil. The town occupies the area of about 37 square kilometers (14.3 square miles).