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moviegal226 moviegal…
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Great Market for Foodies Sep 30, 2016
Notice foodie tourists: this is THE place you want to be when in London. Not only is this the best market in the city, it's one of my favorite markets in the entire world! Whenever I arrive in the U.K. I make a beeline for Borough Market.

The market is sprawling yet easily manageable. I've been known to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours here. Sometimes I'll even go back multiple times during my trip because there's always something new to see, explore and discover. Not for the faint of heart, especially on the crowded weekends: get ready to be packed in like a sardine in a sea of wall-to-wall shoppers.

You'll find just about anything you'd want to eat here: sausages, traditional kidney pie, local oysters, champagne, jellied eels, homemade crackers, gourmet coffee, vegetarian goodies, full vegan dinners, ethnic meats, fish & chips, Irish stew, and lots of delicious sweets from local pastry shops. The vendors change often so you never know what you'll find in the main part of the market. Along the alleyways are permanent business stalls. Don't miss them!

If you are lucky enough to go during the holidays, some vendors have special holiday cakes, sweets and hot buttered rum! My favorite item at the market is and always will be the vanilla donuts from Bread Ahead. Their booth moves around and never seems to be in the same location so if you find them, buy and eat a donut for me.
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Vikram Vikram
312 reviews
No wonder they're the toast of London - they make the best cheese sandwiches! Sep 28, 2013
I've visited Borough Street Market so many times, practically every time I visit London the last few years that I'm surprised I never got around to writing a review on it. Nested in the heard of London Bridge, across a crowded Tube station, railway station, bridge and London's oldest cathedral, this market has become a mainstay for both residents and tourists. It's become the byword for fun without shelling out the quid (well not a lot), the epicentre of London's culinary epicentre (yes, I said that) and for me personally, the home of the best cheese'n'onion sandwich.

In the last few years, I've seen everything from mighty woks (the size of sumo wrestler) being used to cook Malaysian beef curry, I've seen ostrich eggs (with a "1 egg can cook a Sunday omelette breakfast for your entire family"), I've seen a whole lotta cheese, and lots of Spanish and Spanish colonies' food.

In short, set your alarm early. Get out when the rest of London is slugging it out in bed on a Saturday morning. But honestly, don't miss this place for anything. They say London is a cultural spectrum of the entire world. This market sends the message LOUD AND CLEAR!

Side note: I've visited this place several other times before so please do feel free to peruse more pictures:

Fresh British produce, as the cart…
I've had choco-wine before and it …
Say cheeeeeese?? No thanks, I'd ra…
And more cheese!
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cotton_foam says:
I'm so going to this market, Vik!!!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2017
mightymo83 says:
can i go there By London tube? what the name of the station/stop?
Posted on: Sep 08, 2016
joseph98 says:
Yeah it's a real highlight of London for sure. Glad to see you're doing as the Londoners do with the cheese and onion sandwich. Now you need to get a good cup of tea with that...
Posted on: Nov 06, 2013
sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Borough Market Apr 01, 2011
South of the River, an unknown land to many tourists, is Borough Market. It is a food market, which still supplies meat, fish, vegetables and groceries to many of the restaurants in the city. Here, you can find everything from carrots and fish through wine to tiny slivers of rare truffles, and pay anything from a few pence for a nutmeg to hundreds of pounds for rare spices or exotic wines.

But why would a traveller need carrots, let alone rare truffles?

Well, for a start, the atmosphere is amazing. Vegetable stalls crowded with any kind of greenery you could imagine jostle up against stalls with massive piles of squid. Turn a corner, and you find yourself at a stall specialising in unusual Indian chutneys, where a lovely lady insists on you trying some. White vans carrying supplies push through narrow alleys, and the whole market smells

of hot cider, mulled wine, and amazing things to eat. If you get there very early in the morning, you might bump into one of the chefs from a posh restaurant – I, of course, generally arrive long after that.

Then there is the chance to try the food. I don’t know if you really could make a meal of it, but the chutney, oil, dried sausage and preserve merchants are all very keen to give you tastes of their products on little pieces of bread. How many other chances do you have to try bread dipped in truffle oil? It’s not

something I have in my kitchen, anyway. And there are food stalls selling actual food, too – wonderful pies and pasties, interesting ice-cream, nice things to drink.

The market itself is surrounded by extremely posh food shops, where you could buy chocolate that costs ten pounds a bar. Or, you could go and snaffle any free samples going, look at things sagely, and then wander out pretending that you haven’t found quite what you’re looking for. Not that I would advocate that, naturally. There are also some high end restaurants, which I ignore.

Anyway, even if you are travelling, you can still buy a small quantity of chorizo, some bread, some wine by the glass, and have a picnic for a few pounds that would be better than anything you could get for twice that price anywhere nearby.

There are few authentic British markets left, most of them being squeezed out of existence by the twin assaults of shopping malls and gentrification. The few that haven’t been shut or been taken over by pretentious suppliers and steep mark ups are rare jewels that are worth seeing. And to be honest, Borough Market traders have been complaining that their rents are rising and some of the

more traditional stalls have stated fears that they, too, will be squeezed out in favour of more tourist friendly businesses, so it’s definitely a case of see it whilst you can.

You can wander around free, but if you avoid buying anything to eat then you are a wiser and stronger person than me.
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sarahelaine says:
alas, no.
Posted on: Apr 07, 2011
fransglobal says:
No friendly sheep though?
Posted on: Apr 07, 2011
dandandan1 dandanda…
2 reviews
Good Variety Jun 03, 2011
A good market with a wide variety of stalls, Food, Beers and much more. Located right next to London Bridge. I love the smell of the freshly cooked food whilst I soak in the atmosphere of this Market.

Some things are a little bit on the pricey side but you can also find things that are reasonably priced.

I would say you could probably spend a good Hour or so at this market.
Charlie1984 Charlie1…
3 reviews
One of the best food markets in London Apr 29, 2011
The Borough Markets is truly an experience for a food lover or indulger. The market is open and beautiful and traditional with personal touches on each stand. There is great variety - everything from German to Indian to organic even.
travelfan1963 travelfa…
88 reviews
Cheap Eats in London--July, 2009 Nov 22, 2009
London is one of my favorite cities in the world. Unfortunately, London is also very expensive and as a tourist, I am always shocked by the prices. A few years ago a friend of mine told me about the Borough Market, which is now one of my favorite places to go in London.

The Borough Market is open Thursdays through Saturdays near London Bridge/Southwark Cathedral and is frequented by locals and tourists alike. It's a great place to try many different foods such as sandwiches, roast samples, pies, cheeses, breads, curries, sweets, or fish to name a few examples. Many of the stalls have free samples and you can get out of the market for just a few pounds while snacking through different stalls.

Locals pack this market at lunchtime.

On one visit to the Market, I actually ended up as a food taster on a British cooking show called "Market Kitchen", which is filmed on Thursdays in the Market.

I highly recommend Borough Market. Finding reasonably priced food in London is extremely difficult but you can leave the Market without breaking the bank if you watch your spending. I tend to stick to breads or sandwiches to keep my budget in check. As a "foodie", I could spend hours just exploring the various food stalls.
Wild Boar at the Borough Market. …
Wine Stall at the Market
Curry being made at the Market
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travhormones travhorm…
15 reviews
Attraction or lunch-spot? May 02, 2009
This was our first stop for food in London. I wasn't sure whether to classify this under Food or under Sights. It's essentially a market with ready-to-eat and not-ready-to-eat food, so besides the hungry tourists, you also have the locals buying stuff.

The food we chose was great, as you can see in the pic. Ok maybe you can't see that it's great, coz it kindda looks like a mess. Messy food can be nice, trust me.
The messy but yummy potatos/cheese…
The guys selling my messy dish
Scene in Borough Market
Choc truffles in another part of t…
jhoc jhoc
66 reviews
Much better than any supermarket Aug 19, 2008
Borough Market is open on Fridays and Saturdays, but is much bigger and more crowded on the Saturday. Friday is just as good and all the key players are there with half of the crowds so get there for a Friday (you’ll want to see Portobello on Saturday anyway!).

I think of Borough as a meat market because there are loads of stands selling the traditional pork, beef and chicken products in addition to the more unusual selling ostrich, venison, mutton or anything else they hit along their drive to London. The prices are a bit high, but you can’t beat the quality and the knowledge of the butcher’s who will tell you everything from how to butcher it to how to season it for cooking. I’m a bit biased as a Boston guy, but there is a stand in there from Boston, Lincolnshire which sells the best sausages you’ll eat. Look for the guys in the green aprons and you’ll never buy sausage anywhere else. The Ginger Pig is good for your other meat needs.

For the veggies, you won’t be disappointed either. There is a stand in the dead centre that makes veggie cous cous wraps for £3 which you’ll need to try. There are also a ton of farm stands with the standards veggies and which ever ones are in season. Veggie prices tend to be pretty good and the freshness beats out most of the supermarkets.

If you like bread and cheese you’re also in the right spot. Dozens of stands sell these items and you’ll probably want to try them all! If it isn’t too busy most of the punters are more than happy to have a chat and educate you on cheese and surely they’ll hand out some samples.

For the ultimate cheese experience you’ll need to go to Neil’s Yard which is just outside the market – a walk in refrigerator that smells like feet and offers the best cheeses and most knowledgeable and friendly staff you’ll come across.

Other items in the market are flowers, candies, sweets, nuts, wine, ciders and fish. It has it all.
Borough fish stand
novabelgica novabelg…
84 reviews
London's Oldest Food Market Dec 17, 2008
Borough Market, which states to have been at this exact location for the past 250 years, and, even more amazing, claims to have been in business for about 2000 years, is a sight to behold. Every thursday, friday and saturday, the place is bustling with activity.

The Green Market, underneath the railroad bridge, is quite surreal, and the whole place is like a maze in which you will wander around, looking at all the stalls and wondering where all the delicious smells are coming from.

The vegetable stands are particularly interesting and the stalls selling olives seem to be quite popular. This is basically a farmer's market with local produce (well, probably not the olives). I'm not sure if the English chef Rick Stein has ever been here, but I'm sure he would love it.

Borough Market is easy to get to by taking the Tube to London Bridge and then heading towards Southwark Cathedral.

As with any market, it is a good idea to get there early.
cbarajas89 cbarajas…
2 reviews
Jul 05, 2007
Saturdays at Borough Market are one of the great London experiences. When I was living there, my best friend & would wake up early on Saturdays (no matter WHAT we did Friday night) and take the Tube down to Borough Market for breakfast and shopping. There is a man there (whose name I once knew) who sells AMAZING egg breakfast sandwiches...fantastic. Great coffee, great food, and overall a great atmosphere. A MUST for foodies everywhere.
bramwan bramwan
27 reviews
Aug 31, 2006
Great place to visit. Not a cheap place to buy though.

If you are a bit of a "foodie" like me, you will love Borough Market. Sights, smells and tastes are awesome. While living in London, every time people came to visit me, I would take them there.

Breads, cheeses, sausages, meats, veg, fruit, beer etc. You name it, you will find it.

To find it, go to London Bridge station on the Jubilee line. Leave at the Borough High street exit and walk across the road into the market.

You will not be disappointed.
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AndyCamperman says:
I worked arond the corner and ofeten went there for food and a mooch. Drakes Golden Hynde is just round the corner as well - great
Posted on: Mar 24, 2011
Takako_0122 says:
Love to go there!
Posted on: Aug 11, 2010
Maureenie says:
I finally went here. It was AWESOME.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2007

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