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Boracay Island, Philippines Boracay island, Philippines

Boracay Philippines Boracay island Reviews

jhulian jhulian
3 reviews
boracay island Feb 17, 2017
Boracay island was definitely worth the visit. I was only there for a day and did not experience the whole amenities and activities the island had to offer, but still got a lot out of my short stay.

The island is basically a huge beach bazaar. Its actually quite unique compared to other beaches ive been to in the world. Thats probably what sets it apart from the rest of the resorts in the world. Then when the sun sets, the atmosphere changes to a night bazaar and night life parties.

Now i was only there for a day but i still managed to spend quite a bit of money. Now depending on what kind of money youre spending, it could be cheap or expensive. For the locals thats spending philippine peso, it will get expensive. If you are spending dollars on the other hand, it is definitely affordable, but it adds up. This is a place where you have to pay for nearly everything, the rooms youre staying in, the food, the drinks, the activities, transportation, etc. So spend wisely.

I can only say so much since i havent gotten to experience other things that they had to offer. Overall, this place is still worth the visit. I would absolutely come back again and enjoy the full experience.
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yasuyo yasuyo
117 reviews
The best beach of the world Mar 07, 2016
The Boracay island was chosen the best beach in Asia,2014 also other year too.

The island located at middle of Philippines,Rrovince of Romblon,Sibuyan sea. It has just 1,002ha small island. To access the Boracay island is only by boat from Caticlan as it have not the airport yet in itself. The boat fee is 25pp, port fee is 100pp, admission fee is 75pp. (Nov.2015). The boat seem like running 24hours. Time schedule is not set up,if there are enough people for transfer then they go. It takes about 10min from Caticlan to Boracay. The porter pick up your luggages withough ask,then you have to pay 20pp. If you won't pay please don't leave your luggages from beside of you.

From the port to station1 (station1 is most far area from the port) takes time about 15min by a tricycle. The cost is about 200pp including a tip.

On season of the island is from December to March. There will be too much crowded at that season. As my local friends told me,Novenber is the best to visit as it's last part of rainy season and sunlight is not much strong,also not crowded yet.

The island has very beautiful white sands beach for 4km. Water is very much clear. I never seen like that clear sea before. And it is very shelving bottom. It caparated 3parts,station1 to station3. It said,station1 is most luxury,high cost hotels and good restaurants are there. Also the sands of beach are different. Station1 is softy than others. Nevertheless you can find cheap hotels at station1.

But station2,and 3 is not bad. I loved to go to toes area also because you can enjoy local foods,seafoods by local price. Tons cafe,bar,club,restaurants,shops are there. Very convenience as we could get everythings at there. At near D-mall,you can find local fish market is awesome! You can buy seafood at the market then bring to the restaurant to cook as you wants.

There are so many options for activity. You can do any marine sports I think. Most unique thing in Boracay is to be a mermaid. It happen only Boracay so far I think. My favorite thing was island hopping to the Magic island. That island showed up at low tide. We brought seafoods there and gliled them out side like camping. Also you can try to the cliff dive from 10m high if you have brave!

There is another type of beach called Puka beach. It's sell beach,and deeper also wavy than white sands beach. People are less than White sands beach,some nice photography points are there. From station1 to Puka beach is about 10min by tricycle,cost is 150pp. It worth to visit as you can see different atmosphere.

I really loved this island.
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nolan says:
Brian - we have "banca", plural "bancas" (essentially double outrigger canoes) with or without sails. For motorized boats they are called "lantsa".
Posted on: Nov 17, 2015
spocklogic says:
I see some boats in your photos that look like Dhow type sailing ships with the lateen sails, but guess they have their own name for them in Boracay?
Posted on: Nov 16, 2015
shishir2552 shishir2…
6 reviews
Beach Life at it's best! Feb 01, 2016
White Beaches, crystal clear waters, adventure sports and good food sums up Boracay.

Divided into three stations each has its own charm here.You can start your day with a nice thick milkshake at Jonah's in station 1. Hop on to a sailing boat and discover the island with island hopping and Snorkeling.

Hit Ariel's point for some awesome dives starting from 5m to a stunning 15m dives. Then enjoy the sunset with at the beach. Experience the awesome spectacle with a beer or two. Hit a pub for a beach party.

To top it off if you wanna refresh yourself go to Real Coffee and Tea cafe for some freshly brewed coffee and some refreshing tea.

The beach itself is fun You can sit there for hours looking at the sun setting. Some spectacular views can be witnessed. I have attached some photos. Or watch as the locals build awesome sand castles to welcome you! But you need to pay if you gotta take some snaps of it!
Sun starts bidding adieu for the d…
Boracay Station 1 Beach!
Emotions of a Sunset! As I sit dow…
Colors of Eventide at Boracay!
Anicia Anicia
11 reviews
Sights and Scenery plus Food at its Finest Jan 28, 2013
Boracay, one of the best tourist destination here in the Philippines. I must say that this place has changes alot since the first time that I went here. More establishments were created for the needs of not just locals but also for the tourism of this Island destination.

I have been in and out of boracay all year round, gone there when it was a peak season as well as the lowest season of all. If you will ask me I'd rather go there in the low season since I'm able to enjoy the place more as its less crowded.

Boracay is a place where you may see all types of nationalities and races, but thats not an issue there, I can say that in Boracay racial differences is never a problem.

The sights the sound and the people are mainly the reason why I go there. You have the option to just chill by the beach, get some tan, grab a couple of drinks or read a book by the beach. Watch a couple of people doing soccer alongside, some are doing water sports such as Banana Boat Ride, flyfish and parasailing the best part the locals who are so good at skimboarding doing some tricks which they also make a living for it by teaching the tourists.

A visit to Boracay will never be complete without going to the shrine by the beach, drinking the fruit shakes of Jonahs also trying some BBQ's and seafood buffet as well as going to the REAL COFFEE to get their calamansi muffin (lemon) and having coffee.

*FYI: REAL COFFEE is owned by a foreigner which chose to have a business in boracay as she fell inlove with this place when she went for a visit.

You can say that this sounds pricey but if you up to walking you may spot several foodstalls that are really good and the price is not high. I recommend BIG MAMA's House the sisig specialty since its cheap food is clean and I know the owner of this restaurant I know I can vouch for them.

LOCATION: beside Starbucks.

*At night you can watch the firedancers at one of the bars by the beach or listen to acoustic musicians playing while drinkin or having your dinner. If you want to go island hopping, snorkeling or helmet diving you will see or rather you will be approach by several agents make sure to bargain or get a package that is the cheapest besides they are all the same.

NOTE: Does not mean you are a foreigner or a tourist you should spend more, so learn to bargain, you'll find it cheaper but the service and everything is good.

As well as watch out for the local hookers, I'm a girl I know but still giving warnings is needed, especially this place is a tourist destination and a lot of local people here are making a living by touring the people around don't wanna have a bad word be spread about this place.

If you're going to the Philippines do not forget to spend a few days in Boracay. Its one of the must see places.
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jhaye_estrada jhaye_es…
2 reviews
Tropical Tourist Destination Boracay Island, Malay Aklan,Philippines Aug 21, 2012
Boracay is a small island of the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies.[Note 1]

The island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak municipality of Malay, province of Aklan. Administered by Philippine Tourism Authority and the provincial government of Aklan. My First trip in boracay was March 23, 2008. visited almost 5 times in a year, my last visit was May 15, 2013

In fact, you can find & see also the unique investment in boracay island like owning a a piece of paradise. let me know if you want to know more about it. ;)
Beach Front ;)
Walking along the beach going to s…
Working with Pleasure in Boracay I…
Boracay Crown Regency Convention C…
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joehobo says:
This is one place on my wish list.
Posted on: Nov 20, 2012
alleyvon alleyvon
2 reviews
Boracay: Favourite Tourist Destination May 11, 2011
Since it is summer time again, everyone would really want to experience a splash of water in the heat of the summer and Boracay, an island in the part of Aklan is truly the best place to go once you are here in the Philippines. Experience a different kind of hospitality from the locals of these island, different kind of activities from island hopping, banana ride, parasailing, et cetera, and of course the one you should not miss, the night life. Be ready to meet people from different walks of lives and I am sure once you experience all of these you will came back to Boracay, again!
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emzie says:
this is what makes me want to pull the days and finally go to Boracay hehehe
Posted on: Feb 02, 2012
ShaunKelly ShaunKel…
6 reviews
Boracay-the finest sand Dec 06, 2011
Great place to chill out and party. Sugary, refined white sand and crystal clear water perfect for a summer getaway. You can just even go there without accommodations coz there would be lot's of hotels and inn that are available and you can even pay less if you do so. You can roam around at night and party. Lots of activities like snorkeling, island hopping, walking underwater and fish-feeding.
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