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On the beach, Ibiza, Spain

Bora Bora Ibiza Reviews

joseurekababe joseurek…
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Ahhh Bora Bora - save my life. Be my dear. Hit the beach. Sexy girls. Fun all around. Sep 27, 2015
Well been here like a million times in my trips there to this island, I just really want to put my view since the older views are obviously a little bit dated and not so relevant. And not that I am to be the only one with the penmanship to actually do this.

I have been here many times, in short:

This is now a club, it used to be a beach little chalet/eatery that happened to house and rent sun tanning beds (quite comfortable), which have gone up in price, current price is 12 Euros per day, 24 euros for a full umbrella. Which is a sensible price but anyways - nowdays, the place has a cannons that shoots carbon dioxide foam above a huge screen that displays really nice graphics of cool little scenes of the island and/or party shoots from previous nights.

The prices have gone up a little bit but the quality of the party has increased and become more intense. The music goes from commercial to intense and driving/deep as the night goes on.

I can't explain it a better way than this, it is not a bad intensity- just that people , girls guys and others come in and eat and drink heavily from the morning hours until the afternoon and into the evening and the crowd really gets into the music as the night hits the shore of the beach. There is nothing magical or special about it, it is just basically and all out , leave it all at bora bora beach type of party. But boy do people come out of there with huge huge smiles in their faces, the floor has also gotten bigger as the stage has become more like a concert stage. It used to be when I first went to bora bora that it was just a small pit stop for people who were seeking to have a little drink and a dance and meet people (girls or guys) to invite to a club night. Well the three times I was there the people so into the dancing and having a really good time in the beach. With blankets laid out, drinking, smoking, chatting and then there was this huge light in front of all of us. We were almost at a full moon party somewhere in Indonesia, with girls in high stilettos dancing nearby the stage. People playing instruments along the beats of the dj or singing.

Quite simply a really good time and the music was quite decent. Do not expect amazing up to date cuts or to hear cutting edge techno, but do expect good jacking house, tech house and the odd upfront techno song that makes people sort of woozy and just chill out and enjoy the sun and the sea view. At times bora bora seemed to me a heaven for hippies and people that just generally wanted to be happy, now it seemed to me that it has become more commercial. However the general inclusiveness of its structure, the welcoming nature of the fact that there is no door cover (please do not change). Furthermore, the late night revelers that are inebriated and that always dance on the tables adds to the general overall notion of free spirited sense that this place has. I mean, at the end of the day, it is set on a beach , open to everyone and the djs are such hard working people trying to read a crowd that comes and goes all the time. My sincere and heartfelt kudos to all of you on such a hard stage to perform. Christian Valera used to do it, now it is time for others.

"Pegajoso". That is the best word that I can use to describe the music play here at its best hours. So sticky is the house and grooves that one does not really want to leave, plus that really good looking girl right beside you is still here since 3 pm in the afternoon. That is the norm. I love it, did I pick up there? - not really but I did not try.

I would highly recommend to people like me who travel on a budget to ibiza to basically give it a single night try.

It is not destino, it is not ocean beach, it is not blue marlin , it is not km5 or salinas beach, beach house club or Nassau beach club. It is just- bora bora. A place to let it all hang out and try to get lucky and have a good time.
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djJOEas djJOEas
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Best time of your life Jun 24, 2011
Bora Bora is the best place to spend your day time during your stay in ibiza,it's the beach and most known beach in the white island,and you can meet a lot of people there and all people are happy and dancing to sexy house music beats and some tech-house which makes u feel great! and the drinks inside are expensive but you can get the ice and bottles and the mixers from outside and u can enter the beach with them!
chinezero chinezero
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Bora Bora Beach Club Mar 13, 2011
This is a pretty nice dance club on the beach of Ibiza Spain.. The drinks and food are rather pricey but all in all a good feel and ambiance. Not to mention all the good looking people surrounding it. Great place to relax and have a few rounds during the day, never made it there for the night time as other large clubs took my time there.

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