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Boquete is located in the province of Chiriqui in the highlands area.
The District of Boquete contains 6 Counties, or Townships; Alto Boquete, Bajo Boquete, Boquete, Caldera, Los Naranjos and Palmira.
The major industries of Boquete are agriculture, ecotourism and of course, coffee. Boquete coffee is one of the world's best kept secrets.


Boquete weather is characterized by a warmer Dry Season (December through March) known as Summer, and a cooler Wet Season (April through November) known as Winter. Temperatures are highly dependent on elevation, cloud cover and rainfall, with variances of up to 20 degrees Farenheit between the sea level cities of Panama City and David, to the 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level elevation of Boquete. Nights and sometimes even days, on the summit of Volcan Baru at 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), can get VERY cold so be sure to prepare for this if you intend to scale the summit. The climatic conditions and sharp incline in topography make for breathtaking beauty, as well as several micro-climates within the valley itself


The indigenous people of this area are called Ngobe Bugle. The women wear colorful dresses that they make themselves. Most live in the Comarca (Reservation) but many live in Boquete. They often come to Boquete to pick the coffee cherries during the Summer picking season. Since Panama has such high literacy, many of the Ngobe Bugle children attend school