Booby's Charcoal Rib

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8161 North Milwaukee Avenue, Niles, IL, USA
(847) 966-4733

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festerwretch festerwr…
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Booby's Jan 11, 2010
Well, there's already a review of Booby's on here... so I'll try to not repeat that review.

I first started working in Niles back around 1997, and I heard people talking about a restaurant named Booby's. At first I was somewhat surprised by the name, but yes indeed, it did exist. Since December '97 I've worked on & off in the area. First in Niles later in Glenview, but for whatever reason, I'd never made it to Booby's. Finally on January 11, 2010, I did.

An Italian Sausage is usually a good item to gauge quality, for me anyway. So, I ordered an Italian Sausage (hot peppers on the side), onion rings & a Coke. The sausage was quite good, the rings were so-so (but to be fair, I haven't had good rings in a long time - nobody seems to make them how I remember liking them, perhaps my palate has changed since I moved to Poland a couple years ago?), and the Coke was ... well, Coke.

This is a typical "order and pay at the counter, take your seat and your number/order will be called when ready" type of restaurant. When I was there it was quite clean. They have two TVs (flatscreens, look to be upgraded from the time of the last review) one was playing sports (Bulls - beating the Pistons - yay!), and as mentioned above, the sausage was tasty. It's not "fast food" but close, and for that type of food it was a bit expensive (my order was just shy of $10), but still, it'll run you quite a bit less than a sit down/service restaurant.

Ultimately, I'd recommend it, it's a good place to check out, but I doubt it'll become a regular place for me.
seating area
Palindrome day 01-11-10
Onion Rings
bkretzer says:
Love the name. I'd stop and try it!
Posted on: Jan 12, 2010
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osgoodst osgoodst
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Come For the Ackward Giggle Stay For the Food Jan 18, 2009
Booby's is a Chicagoland institution abiding by the principals of delicious cholesterol raising food, an informal atmosphere, moderate prices, and is family owned.

Booby is named after Booby, who was a greek immigrant, and opened the joint in the 1950's. It is the place for chicago foods, and serves an array of ribs, sausages, soups, whole fried chickens, gyros, and burgers. This of course allows Booby to be both a lunch and dinner joint.

The premier dishes are the steak sandwich, one patron said they'de walk throw broken glass to get one, I would've taken them up on that, but hey I don't get paid for two more weeks.

OK so after the steak sandwich I suggest looking at all the items that have to word Booby in them. That signifies it’s delicious, and hey, you can giggle like a little school girl after saying it. For example, my first trip went something like this: "Yo Holmes, Get me one of Dose Fat Boobies *giggle*".

MY favourite dish is the Fat Booby, which is a glorified polish sausage loaded with green bell pepper, pickle, tomato, mustard, onion, and celery salt.... mmmmm nice!

The final reason to go to this place is that its named Booby. Booby is an old greek guy with huge glasses, I guess it makes his face look like a Booby. So for example, you can be like "hey darius, lets go get some Booby", followed by a few giggles. One thing is that the workers are clearly sick and tired of the name "booby". So you can be laugh your ass off about saying Booby fifty times in a sentence and the worker will just stare back. So enjoy!
Inside Booby
My Dinner, the Fat Booby with Onio…

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