Bonneville Salt Flats State Park

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Wendover, Utah
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - Bonneville Salt Flats Recreation Area
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - History of the salt flats
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - here I go!
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - ice fishing?  Nope - its salt!
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - me on the salt flats
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - cracks in the ice, I mean salt
Bonneville Salt Flats State Park - Getting there...

Bonneville Salt Flats State Park Wendover Reviews

hollywoodinoregon hollywoo…
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Bonneville Salt Flats - Bonneville Speed Week Aug 17, 2011
I went to the Bonneville Speed Week races today in Utah at the Bonneville Salt Flats State Park in Utah. It was really neat. The Speed Week is a once a year week long event where all sorts of vehicles attempt to set new world records for land speed. It takes place right in the middle of the salt flats. The setting is like something out of a movie, completely white salt grounds for miles and miles. There are several speed tracks set up. The whole thing is very low-key in a way, for instance, the race areas are simply marked off with orange cones and you can view it from wherever you want. It was definitely something to see. If you like fast cars - you will love this event. The cars were going upwards of 200mph, some over 300mph. So fast that the car will disappear before the end of the course. I would definitely recommend both the Salt Flats themselves and also if you happen to be able to attend the Speed Week, it makes the Salt Flats really something to see!
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alyssa_ob alyssa_ob
244 reviews
How fast will you drive? Jun 30, 2008
Do you like to drive fast? Then the Bonneville Salt Flats is the place for you! The Bonneville Salt Flats were formed when ancient Lake Bonneville drained and evaporated, leaving the salts behind on the silty soil. The Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City is a remnant of Lake Bonneville. You can see the ancient shorelines in the mountains behind the salt flats. The ancient lake drained about 14,500 years ago after a natural sand and rock dam failed. At its maximum, the lake was over 1000 ft deep! The current lake has a maximum of 45 ft depth in high water and contains 9-28% salinity (compared to 3% in the oceans).

The Bonneville Speedway is an 80 ft wide, 10 mile long track through the salt flats. The second fastest land speed record of 630 mph (1015 kmh) was set here in 1970. That record stood for 13 years before being broken in the Black Rock Desert.

After taking exit 4, you follow the signs north and then east. Eventually the road ends and you are free to drive on the salt flats! The actual track is marked by two orange cones, but they are hard to see. You can drive out there as fast as you want. Just try not to get lost or run over the cones. If you drive with the windows down you can hear the salt crackling as you drive over it. You might want to wash your car afterwards to get rid of the corrosive salt. Don't drive out there if its wet because the mud underneath the salt is very soft and you can get stuck or destroy the salt surface.

If you aren't planning on driving (fast) on the salt flats, this stop might be a little boring for you as there isn't much to see.
Bonneville Salt Flats Recreation A…
History of the salt flats
here I go!
ice fishing? Nope - its salt!
alyssa_ob says:
It was very cool but I don't think I'd want to live there. One month was long enough. Too dry for me!
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008

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