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Bolivia stretches nature superlatives to the limit. With patches of mosquito-strewn jungle lingering in the corners, but large parts of the country elevated to head-rush altitude, it's largely blustering and frigid but endowed with stunning natural imagery and a charming mix of indigenous culture and spacious old colonial styles. Known for its poverty, but with a busy trade-in culture (plenty here don't bother with the formality of cash, and simply barter), the sites and sounds of Bolivia are fast bringing its mind-boggling array of attractions to the forefront backpacker’s collective minds.

The best-known image of Bolivia is that of the salt flats, or Salar de Uyuni, an otherworldly stretch of surprisingly cold (pictures invariably look bakingly hot, but trust us, it isn't), crackling salt that stretches across the horizon like an eerie white desert. The natural sites don’t stop there though, with dinosaur tracks to be followed through the sizeable landscapes of the Parque Nacional Torotoro, pink river dolphins to chase down the Río Mamoré or spectacular islands and temples to explore at Lake Titicaca.

Bolivia’s cities are a fascinating amalgamation of the old and the new. Slow-paced Sucre is flamboyantly beautiful and carefully preserved, with an eye on the future accompanying proud colonial buildings and genteel modern markets. La Paz clings to a mountainside and tumbles down into the valleys at a breathtaking height of 3,600 meters, leaving visitors gasping at its lively beats and hectic markets as much as the famed altitude.

If it’s life-threatening adventure you’re after (and a thrill level to match), head down the world’s most dangerous road to Coroico by mountain bike then laze in a hammock next to the pool and stare at the distant peaks while your heart recovers (note: pay extra for a good bike, as the risk is very real). The Jesuit Mission Circuit welcomes trekkers to a trail of traditional villages, each featuring ancient and ornate architecture, and spectacular surrounding views, while the massive Parque Nacional Madidi stretches from the humid forestry of the Amazon right up to 5,500 meter Andean Peaks, home to an array of wildlife unmatched anywhere else on earth.

It’s easy to dismiss Bolivia as a poor, backward country next to its South American neighbors, but the astounding natural beauty and happy atmosphere of the cities are features that many of the ever-increasing array of visitors never forget.

La Paz #1 most popular location
La Paz is a city that has a very special topography, and has a limited space that extends through the various hills and valleys that make it up. Before "El Alto" and "La Paz" were one city,…
136travelers 79reviews 126blogs
Uyuni #2 most popular location
Uyuni is famous for one reason, and one reason only: the salt flats. Years ago this was a tiny railroad junction in the heart of… well, nowhere really, and a place that would barely warrant…
35travelers 16reviews 61blogs
Sucre #3 most popular location
Sucre is incredibly welcoming place with many architectural gems and very good food. Definitely worth few days of your stay.
22travelers 14reviews 37blogs
Copacabana #4 most popular location
Normally Copacabana (on the border with Peru and lakeside from Titikaka Lake) for the tourists is one of the entry points to Bolivia, after a short stay they continue to La Paz (three hours b…
12travelers 9reviews 45blogs
Santa Cruz #5 most popular location
Aside of couple nice parks and good connections to the wilderness, Santa Cruz is totally overrated place. City is unattractive and surprisingly dysfunctional. They have large market that is v…
46travelers 28reviews 14blogs
Potosi #6 most popular location
Fantastic city, incredible architecture and lots of interesting things to do. It is very easy to chill in this place for more than few days. Go around the town in the early mornings and climb…
6travelers 10reviews 32blogs
Cochabamba #7 most popular location
What a FANTASTIC place! I would gladly come back to this city of forever spring... It is surrounded with many small picturesque villages, unbelievable national park and multiple hot springs t…
40travelers 11reviews 28blogs
Salar de Uyuni #8 most popular location
Salar de Uyuni is located in de high Andes of Bolivia. It’s the biggest salt flat in the world with 11.000 sq km, which is ¼ of the Netherlands. Some parts of the former lake are covered w…
45travelers 6reviews 24blogs
Rurrenabaque #9 most popular location
Bolivia has nine departments, one of them is La Paz and other Beni. "Rurrenabaque" is a town located on the border between these two departments on the banks of the Beni River and in the depa…
4travelers 5reviews 29blogs
Coroico #10 most popular location
At 90 km from the city of La Paz by the so-called the world's most dangerous road is the town of Coroico, a town that is characterized as being on a hill with a beautiful view of the northern…
2travelers 5reviews 11blogs
Isla del Sol #11 most popular location
Little island on the Titicaca lake. Some Inca ruins. Typical small villages and people working. Amazing sunsets in front of the big Titicaca lake or in front of the Andes. It's very worth …
1travelers 10blogs
Tupiza #12 most popular location
3reviews 11blogs
Lake Titicaca #13 most popular location
Lake Titicaca is located 100 km from the city of La Paz, beautiful and mysterious has a particular charm that makes a special experience to its visitors. On its shores exists towns such as…
17travelers 2reviews 9blogs
Oruro #14 most popular location
The city of Oruro is the capital of the department of the same name, founded on 1 November 1606 under the name of Royal Villa Austria. It was at an altitude of 3,702 m a.s.l (meters above s…
2travelers 2reviews 8blogs
Villa Tunari #15 most popular location
Villa Tunari is a town in the Department of Cochabamba (Is not in Department of Oruro) in a great place called "El Chapare", is a tropical and heavenly place, surrounded by rivers where one c…
4reviews 11blogs
Samaipata #16 most popular location
3travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Laguna Verde #17 most popular location
In Laguna Verde there are nothing, is a beautiful place totally isolated and lonely like this region of Bolivia, or what to do here is to enjoy the tranquility watching the green lagoon, to b…
1travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Tiahuanaco #18 most popular location
Just an hour and a half from the city of La Paz we find Tiahuanaco (Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiahuanaco Culture), one of the circuits that should know any tourist visiting Boliv…
4travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Santa Cruz de la Sierra #19 most popular location
10travelers 2reviews
Caranavi #20 most popular location
Santiago de Chiquitos #21 most popular location
Santiago de Chiquitos is a beautiful town belonging to the Jesuit Missions of the century XVIII, is one of the missions that is in the southeast of eastern in Bolivia, a very quiet place idea…
2reviews 4blogs
Torotoro #22 most popular location
ToroToro is the namesake of the National Park located in central Bolivia. This little town is located at the end of a long and bumpy one-way road, high up in the arid mountains, with canyons…
2travelers 1blogs
Puente Villa #23 most popular location
Tarija #24 most popular location
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Mallku Villamar #25 most popular location
1reviews 2blogs
Laguna Colorada #26 most popular location
1travelers 5blogs
Jirira #27 most popular location
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Madidi National Park #28 most popular location
The Madidi Park is a protected area, covers an area of 19,000 km2 and is named after the major river that runs through it is the Madidi. It lies in the northwestern department of La Paz, is c…
1travelers 1reviews 4blogs
Samiapata #29 most popular location
About 120km south west of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Samiapata is a quiet colonial town with ancient roots. It is currently in the heart of agricultural lands, but has a slowly growing tourism…
Mecapaca #30 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Villazon #31 most popular location
Valencia (Rio Abajo) #32 most popular location
To 40 minutes from La Paz city, is the village of Valencia (Rio Abajo), is a quiet village with a variety of restaurants.
Vallegrande #33 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Yanacachi #34 most popular location
Huayna Potosi #35 most popular location
Chulumani #36 most popular location
Sorata #37 most popular location
Riberalta #38 most popular location
San Pedro de Tiquina #39 most popular location
San Pedro de Tiquina is a town located on the "Estrecho de Tiquina", necessary step to get to Copacabana. It has a popular dining. And you can stock up on candy, cookies, soda or water to …
Puerto Suarez #40 most popular location
Puerto Perez #41 most popular location
Puerto Perez is a small village located about 50 km from the city of La Paz. This village on the shore of Lake Titicaca. In Puerto Perez is a 5 star hotel, overlooking the lake and the …
Colchani #42 most popular location
Pampas #43 most popular location
Altiplano #44 most popular location
5travelers 1blogs
Tiwanacu #45 most popular location
Just an hour and a half from the city of La Paz we find Tiahuanaco (Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiahuanaco Culture), one of the circuits that should know any tourist visiting Bolivi…
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Bolivian Altiplano #46 most popular location
6travelers 3blogs
Villamontes #47 most popular location
Camiri #48 most popular location
1travelers 1blogs
Reyes #50 most popular location