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Bodrum Reviews

muti muti
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Bodrum offline guide application for android phones Sep 01, 2013
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Missyfox Missyfox
4 reviews
Bodrum Turkey Jul 13, 2011
I went to Bodrum with my Mum for a girls holiday in May 2009 and liked it so much i wanted to go again. So, noone could get any time off work, i went on my own in the following October. I'd never been anywhere on my own before but had been to the same resort a few months before so wasn't too apprehensive.

I found as a single girl in Turkey, i would get stared at a lot especially by the locals. They thought it was bizarre a woman travelling on her own in a foreign country and many told me it was dangerous!

Of course there are danger aspects for anyone travelling abroad on their own. Double checking over your shoulder whilst going to your hotel room and not accepting drinks from strangers etc. I found that as most of the sales persons in Turkey were men you get harrassed a lot but i knew that before i went. I have Turkish friends but not in that area and they told me as i'm blonde to be standoffish but friendly. If you say no, they know you mean it, you shouldn't have to say it twice.

I made a few English friends whilst there and some Turkish that were very helpful. The bar University frog, there were some lovely people that ran that place and made me feel comfortable. I'm not a person that can sit in a hotel room on their own because it's night time. I didn't get in till 3am most nights as i was out shopping or dancing.

I would say to watch out for guys offering drinks in shops. Two different places i went to, the shop owners were constantly offering me beer and asking me to have a drink in the back of their shops! I certainly wouldn't do this at home, so why abroad!

It can be lonely on your own for a whole week but if you're friendly it makes life a lot easier. I really enjoyed my holiday and would do it again if i was still single and couldn't get anyone to go with. Also, i would advise anyone who is on pay as you go to buy a Turkish sim card, it's so much cheaper! It's going to cost me a fortune now i have a contract!

All in all i would say the locals in Bodrum are very friendly and helpful if you ask for advice. I think it's better if you know the area so if you are travelling on your own, maybe meet up with a travelbuddy in a public place. It would have been a lot easier for me if i'd have known about this site before hand!

Happy trekking, stay safe! :)
Memo says:
very interesting writing up about Bodrum:))
Posted on: Jul 14, 2011
Sylvie1 Sylvie1
30 reviews
Dec 16, 2007
There is no place where you can party better than in Bodrum, Turkey. This is the place you have to be at, when you want to party in Turkey. Especially the disco 'halikarnas' is very likable. We went there when there was a foomparty, which was much fun. The disco is open so you can see the sky and you are always outdoors, so it doens't smell that much, haha. There are other places you can party, like on a boat. You will make a boattrip and the boat takes you back at 5 am, but you can take a small boat back to the coast. Bodrum has a lot to offer, there are many shops there and they are open all night. The restaurants are great too. I remember we went to Izmir one day, where we did banana and ringo and that is so funny. And then we went on this boat with a guy and spent the whole day on his speedboat. That was really friendly of him. Bodrum was a very special vacantion for me and if you want to have some fun, you should go there.
Nabilah23 says:
soundz amazing! i cant wait:)
Posted on: Jun 12, 2008
chunfucius says:
I am sure every trip with you is fun ;)
Posted on: Dec 19, 2007
Tessagirl23 says:
Wow, sounds funny.
Posted on: Dec 16, 2007
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