Blue Mountains

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Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains Reviews

felzzy felzzy
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A variety of bushwalks Mar 09, 2011
There are many walks at Bluies for almost all fitness levels, 30 minutes to multiday hikes. Walking trails at Bluies are well-maintained. In places where you have to do some scrambling, there are metal poles with yellow marking to show you the safe route.

I like the Bluies because it's rather easy to get to. Take a blue mountain line from Sydney and you're there in about 2 hours. The 'central' area is Katoomba (Echo Point, Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Giant Stairway, Federal Steps, Mud slide, Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary).

I have stayed at the YHA and Flying Fox. If you have a car, you can consider car camping. YHA has a huge living space and a nice kitchen. There are recommended walks, maps, trail notes on display at the reception. You should register your trip at the counter before you leave for the hike. This is pretty much a standard practice. If you're doing a strenous hike, you really should register and apply for a GPS-enabled distress signaller at the police station, which is just beside the hostel.

Continue in the same direction as the police station (ie. away from the train station and shops) for about 30 minutes and you pretty much arrive at the Echo Point/3 sisters, tour buses are not neccessary.

In my opionion, the best walk in Katoomba is to walk counter clockwise from that point to the Mount Solitary (which is the only one in the middle) and return. You can try everything that I mentioned along the way. It's doable in a day but you may wish to camp at the base of the Ruined Castle and take time to enjoy. Look at the birds, too.

I have also stayed at the backpacker called Flying Fox. It's cheaper than YHA but room, showers are smaller. The owner is really nice. He lent us a map and a old rain jacket to my friend.

A popular daywalk is at Wentworth Falls, which is quite pretty. Alight at the Wentworth station, trail is about 15 minutes away. Begin with a nice Charles Darwin walk and then you will end up at the top of Wentworth Fall. The trail is shorter but because of the height, it's hard to feel it. Half way down is the national pass and from there you can complete the circuit. Wentworth pass is all the way down and it's a nice place to soak in water, rest a little. You can either climb all the way back up (!) or take a scenic route through the valley of waters to complete the circuit.

There are many more trails and you can access most daywalks by talking the train to their corresponding stations. Another walk I recommend is Blue Gums (eucalyptus trees) forest through Pierce Pass, but that may take longer than a day. Further in, I have seen a red bellied black snake there so be careful when it rains. It ran away as soon as it sensed us. Leeches are highly possible if you're canyoning.

Leura has some good cafes. Katoomba has Woolworth supermarket and you can stock up on your trail food there. There is also a nice bakery on the way. Fruits, water, nuts, light carbohydrate.. Pack for the day, check the weather, register your walk and off you go exploring!

Other activities like climbing, canyoning and caving (Jenolan) are also possible. There is a walking trail to Jenolan and it's a marathon route.

Highly recommended if you can spare a few days while in Sydney.
to get to the caves
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Trevor_Wilson Trevor_W…
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Blue Mountains What to do/not to do Jun 19, 2011
The Blue Mountains are defiantly a much see if you are in Sydney.

My recommendations. Do not pay for any of the bus tours that they offer. When you get off the train you can easily walk the distance to the cliffs and see everything on your own with out taking the bus. It's a complete waist of money, and just adds extra stress by having to be back at certain spots by certain times.

I would also recommended spending more than just one day there. there is so much to see and it's absolutely beautiful. there are places to stay in the town, but I do not know how much they cost. Many people try to take a morning train over and then catch a night train back, which works, but you will not be able to see so much of the place.

Especially if you are there by yourself, it's an easy place to meet people to hike around with, and I an sure you will make some friends while hiking if you try.
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falzehope falzehope
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a quick one at the Blue Mountains Jul 02, 2011
I decided to continue on with the car rental and head off to Katoomba, where the well known Blue Mountains and three sisters could be found.

for an economical car most probably 1.3L, i didn't have to spend too much on petrol. it took me a fairly easy 2-hour drive to Katoomba where I settled in at the Flying Fox Hostel along Bathurst Road. Good thing I brought 2 jackets coz it was freezing!

Today, I woke up at 6:30 am and got ready to watch the sunrise. I asked the front desk guy night before (Alex) where I could good shots of sunrise, off the beaten track, and far away from tourists.

i found myself along Cliff Drive in different spots, trying to capture the mist and the different hues setting on the tips of the mountains. i also went down the trail which leads to mt. solitary.

after that, had breakfast at the town centre and then headed off to echo point to take snapshots of the three sisters. honestly, i found it overrated. (apologies, but i am just stating a fact :D )

all in all it was a fine experience.
3 sisters @ Echo point
Cafe in Town Centre
harmony73 harmony73
3 reviews
Awesome place to get Lost May 18, 2011
I took my friend from England to the Blue Mountains for an experience and she sure did get an experience, the Blue Mountains is absolutely stunning, the steepest rail ride, the glass bottom cable car and much more, there is a few different tourist paths to chose from that will enable you to view the highlights and take the rides, we decided to take a path that was meant to be an hour hike, somehow we ended up walking for 3 hours before realsing we had gone a wrong track, we eventually came to the bottom of a massive stairway that lead steeply up a mountain, going by our map it would lead us back to the tourist hub where we get our ride back to Sydney, the stairs were all odd, some were fine, most were narrow and others rather dodgy, it was basically straight up a high mountain, it was the middle of an Aussie summer we had been hiking for hours already (i was loving it) but after quite some climb up this mountain we finally reached the top in which it had a sign reading " ONLY THE EXTREMELY FIT SHOULD ATTEMPT GOING DOWN THE 1000 STEEP STAIRWAY" lol "DOWN" we just went UP it. Both myself and my friend were glad we did get lost, it made our trip to the Blue Mountains so worth it!
Happy snap, Blue Mountains NSW Au…
Snap on the way up the 1000 stairw…
netti84 netti84
3 reviews
Breathtaking Blue mountains outside Sydney Apr 02, 2011
On christmas eve 2009, me and my friends drove up to Blue mountains not knowing what to expect. As usual we had not planned anything; we hadn't booked accomodation and we hardly knew what the blue mountains was. First we drove around looking for a hostel, and after visiting perhaps 6-7 B&Bs we found a backpackers. Then we drove to the main view point overlooking the three sisters cliff formation. I'm from southern sweden and don't think I've ever seen a mountain in my life, so when i got there I was completely blown away! It was so beautiful and vast. We also climbed down had a look at wentworths falls and that was my first waterfall ever. The whole experience was so amazing that I went back to Blue mountains in december 2010 with my brother.
missl missl
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Jan 02, 2008
The Blue Mountains is a special place in NSW, not only is it heritage listed but it is a spiritual home for the Aboriginal dreamtime.

The Three Sisters are amazing to visit.

The Aboriginal dream-time legend has it that three sisters, 'Meehni', 'Wimlah' and Gunnedoo' lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe.

These beautiful young ladies had fallen in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe, yet tribal law forbade them to marry.

The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters causing a major tribal battle.

As the lives of the three sisters were seriously in danger, a witchdoctor from the Katoomba tribe took it upon himself to turn the three sisters into stone to protect them from any harm. While he had intended to reverse the spell when the battle was over, the witchdoctor himself was killed. As only he could reverse the spell to return the ladies to their former beauty, the sisters remain in their magnificent rock formation as a reminder of this battle for generations to come.

Additionally, the Blue mountains was known as a place of R & R during dreamtime. The place is known for its healing qualities (even today there is such contentment& tranquility) but if one stayed too long the reverse effect would take place in the individual who came to the Blue mountains.

The Blue Mountains is a beautiful place to visit. Many of the locals are talented & it isn't too hard to find local designers selling their jewellery,painting and clothes. It is also worth stopping by at Leura, Blaxland,Lawson & other stops on the way to Katoomba (The Three Sisters).

A magical place to visit.
Classic Three Sisters photo
Musician at Three sisters
Another angle at three Sisters loo…
Blue Mountains look out
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dfoo dfoo
15 reviews
Mountain Biking at its best... Dec 23, 2008
There are plenty of places in Sydney to enjoy the excitement and thrill of mountain biking. But none are as fantastic as the trails in the Blue Mountains region.

Every weekend the faithful make their pilgrimage via train or car to Glenbrook/Woodford to attack The Oaks Firetrail, with the most popular route being from Woodford to Glenbrook. It is rated as a medium/hard trail but honestly even beginners can enjoy this trail. At 30km long it seems daunting at first, but given the fact that its 80% downhill it can be loads of fun. At one stretch you are going down at 50kph for several kilometres. Most uphill sections are really brief, and if you lack the fitness to go up these you could always hop off and walk up them with the rest.

Throughout the trail you can stop to have a rest and really take in the scenery. With several watering holes and picnic points not to mention stunning vistas of the Sydney skyline on a clear day there is no better spot to enjoy several hours on a weekend in the outdoors.

There are a dozen more trails in this area, however this is simply one you cannot miss.

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