Blue Mosque

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Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque Istanbul Reviews

m_nazar m_nazar
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Blue Mosque (also known as Sultan Ahmet Mosque) Symbol of Islamic Architecture and Calligraphy Feb 12, 2015
Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet - after the Calpih who ordered it to be built) is a must see place in Istanbul. It represents one of the finest symbols of Islamic architectures and calligraphy. There are six minarets of the mosque. One can notice the fine architecture of blue tiles and blue colour being used hence making it popular as Blue Mosque. Another beautiful feature of its architecture is "dome". Its arcades in the inner courtyard are covered with domes and the main prayer hall has a bigger dome surrounded by several small domes giving the mosque a distinctive shape. The main hall which is the prayer hall represents one of the finest calligraphic styles of Ottoman Era. There are tablets on the walls which are inscribed with the names of caliphs and different verses from Quran.

It is better to visit the mosque after prayer timings as the tourists get to have more time to look around and see the prayer hall too. The main prayer hall closes during prayers timings. It is also better if the place is visited after 2:30pm on Friday since Friday midday prayers last roughly till 2:30pm. The best time to visit the mosque on any day is from 9am-12midday as there are no prayers held during that time.

The nearest Tram stop is "Sultan Ahmet", named after the mosque. The square is called Sultan Ahmet Square. Another nearest attraction is "Hagia Sophia" just opposite to Sultan Ahmet Mosque.
Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)f…
The view of the arcades and domes …
Inner view of the arcades and dome…
Inner view of the arcades and dome…
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vicIII says:
oops, Mudassar!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2017
vicIII says:
Thanks for your explanation and advice, Brian!:)
Posted on: Feb 18, 2017
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sabahmh sabahmh
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The Blue Mosque ,Istanbul . Nov 19, 2015
The Blue Mosque was the most impressive mosque we visited. It is still a functioning mosque, which added a different dimension to the visit. Very Impressive building from outside and inside as well, its definitely worth your time. It makes you think about the history's past ,you will keep thinking about the huge pieces of marble blocks flooring, the old islamic art painting covering the high ceilings of the mosque, the huge minarets that mesmerize your eyes when looking at them , and the ancient huge chandeliers ,it is open to all people , locals were coming in for the prayer. Then you can hear the call for prayer started every day ,it is a great example for Ottoman architecture .Most important site to visit in Sultanahmat area in istanbul .
imesopir imesopir
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Blue Mosque- Istanbul landmark! Nov 07, 2013
The Blue Mosque is definetely worth seeing in Istanbul-both from the outside & inside. It was built between 1609-1616 during the Ottoman period, it's commonly called the Blue Mosque due to the use of blue tiles in the mosaics within the mosque.

Entrance is free as it is still used as a place of worship for Muslims- avoid visiting it on a Friday morning as it is closed till 2.30pm for prayers.

One must be dressed decently to enter the Mosque and a headscarf is provided for women to cover their heads if you do not have one. Expect to remove your shoes as well.
Blue Mosque exterior view from ins…
View in the evening
Interior domes
halilee halilee
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Stunning! Apr 27, 2012
The Blue Mosque is both stunning on the outside as well as the inside. It was built in 1603-1617 by Sultan Ahmet. It is a working mosque so during prayer times, visitors are not allowed in. Women do need to cover their heads with a scarf before entering, and all sexes need to wear long pants ( or skirts for women) and have their shoulders covered as well as removing footwear. They do provide bags for free to put your shoes in for entering the mosque. The line up to enter can be long, but it goes quite quickly. Definately worth the time to enter!
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parsayandan says:
تور استانبول
Posted on: Mar 20, 2016
halilee says:
I don't remember the exact times, but they were around 5am, noon, 5pm and then I think in the evening? Maybe around 8?
Posted on: Jan 03, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Hali, do you remember their schedule of prayer times? Thank you! ~ May
Posted on: Jan 03, 2014
spocklogic spocklog…
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Columns & arches & domes, oh my! Feb 12, 2011
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) was built between 1609 and 1616, during the rule of Ahmed I, for which it is named. The Blue Mosque gets its nickname for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. The exterior of the mosque has five main domes, six minarets, and eight secondary domes. The interior is something to behold with its columns, arches, domed ceilings, ceramic tiles and stained glass windows. Photos really don't do this kind of decorative splendor the proper justice, but it is truly something to marvel at and enjoy the quality, colors & artistic detail.

It still functions as a mosque today for a place of prayer, so avoid visiting during times of so-called 'call to prayer' (Ezan) as it is not open to tourists then. These happen 6 times a day in Istanbul and have various names in Turkish / Arabic:

1) Imsak / Fajr - Two hours before dawn

2) Güneş /Tulu - Dawn

3) Ögle / Zuhr - Midday

4) Ikindi / Asr - Afternoon

5) Aksam / Maghrib - Sunset

6) Yatsi / Isha - Right before last light of the day

There are no exact clock times for Ezan in the Islamic world as it changes due to rotation of the earth, the seasons, various latitudes and daylight savings time. Shoes must be removed and stored in plastic bags outside before entering. No short pants are allowed. Women in skirts must be covered below the knee. Long pants are preferred and skin tight leggings or exercise pants will be required to cover up. Men may wear short sleeves, but women in short sleeves must cover their arms and also wear a head scarf. Robes and scarfs are provided, but women may bring their own headscarf. It's not about fashion, but just following the religious customs or rules. Try to respect them and just dress appropriately when planning to visit and wear clothing that covers you up as required.
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque/Blue sky - glowing in …
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drjays drjays
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Awesome place - Historical Place Jun 21, 2011
This historical mosque built in 1609 is worth visiting. Built by the great Sultan of Turkey, this mosque is a true representation of Muslim era and the beautiful Turkish architecture that creates a talismanic effect on you.
wmg81 wmg81
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Blue mosque May 09, 2011
Amazing mosque belt by great eng. sinan in old times its unique and pleasant to watch the heritage of Islamic amazing architectural the colors are amazing ppl come from all over the world to watch it i really advice you to go and watch the beauty of the eng. sinan the bulder of turkey history
realrv6 realrv6
63 reviews
Impressive Oct 06, 2010
The Sultanahmet Mosque better known as The Blue Mosque is one of the most representative landmarks of Istanbul and of the whole Turkey.

It is famous and unique for its six minarets (most mosques have just one, two or may be four). It is a funny story about it:

The sultan wanted a mosque that would be bigger and even better then Hagia Sophia. So he asked to his architect to build a mosque with “gold” minarets (altin),but the architect understood “six” (alti). He was Albanian. LOL!!!

The mosque is a wonderful majestic building. It’s located next to the Hagia Sophia. From the inside it is so colorful and spacious. I felt so small inside there. I haven't seen many mosques in my life but I think that the Blue Mosque is special.
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque (Huge Column)
Blue Mosque
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wandafromtexas says:
I stay at a little place up the hill with amazing view from the balcony. But, wonderful from any angle!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2013
realrv6 says:
oh you have to see it and am sure u gonna love it :-)
Posted on: Apr 23, 2012
charleentjuh says:
Hello my friend. thanks for the review. I am going to Istanbul this summer and I definately am going to see the blue mosque
Posted on: Apr 21, 2012
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) Dec 06, 2010
Easy enough to get to,and find, by getting the T1 tram to the. unsurprisingly named, Sultanahmet stop.

Very impressive,despite being grey, as you approach it, from which ever direction, with it's unusual feature of 6 minatrets.

Entry into the mosque is through the courtyard, and there are folk at the door with bags to put your shoes in when you take them off, and racks to put them on inside.

Once inside you are immediately drawn to the high blue coloured dome, which is nice to look at for a bit. Plenty of space for visitors to walk about and look around before coming to the area that is cordoned off.

There are a couple of substantial pillars in the mosque and the stain glass is good to look at when the sun is shining through it.

Can be quite busy, with various school parties arriving while we were there, and don't go to visit between midday and 1pm as it is closed ,to non muslims, for prayers.
Sultanahmet/Blue Mosque
The 6 Minarets
Minaret Behind The Courtyard
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parsayandan says:
it was a great article and I suggest to every one
تور استانبول
Posted on: Mar 20, 2016
mdfehmel mdfehmel
233 reviews
Blue Mosque May 08, 2009
To me, a trip to Istanbul would not have been complete without walking around the district containing the Blue Mosque and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. It is a great part of the city with tons of shops, cafes, and restaurants. There is something interesting and photo worthy around every corner. Also, don't miss the grand bazaar, an indoor shopping plaza that has been in existence for hundreds of years. The next time I am in Istanbul, I will choose a hotel in that area of the city and explore it much more thoroughly!!
A gift from the Germans to the Ott…
You will see these Byzantine grave…
Inside the Grand Bazaar. This mar…
Looking back down the busy main st…
Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
The Sultanahmet Mosque Oct 04, 2008
The Blue Mosque or The Sultanahmet Mosque is another of Istanbul’s staggering landmarks. I was happy to stay at a hotel just next to both Hagia Sophia and this amazing mosque.

Since I had arrived late Friday evening and just headed to bed and had been woken 6 am by the minaret just next to the hotel, I had the good fortune to see this remarkable building in the morning sun from the square. It was truly breathtaking and I felt that the beauty of the building just came to me like a beam from the sun. It was stunning to watch this building; it was like a shinning giant monstrous crab walking the surface of the earth.

At that time it was too early to go inside so I just walked around it and looked at it waiting to see it from the inside. Some hour later it was possible to get inside and look and feel this enormous mosque. I was awesome to see a mosque of this magnitude in operation and how quite, smooth and calm everything went. Inside the decorations were awesome with their colouring and artistic patterns of the tiles. The dome was impressive and so was all the lamps hanging down; maybe most the huge lamp in the main room.

The place was full of tourists like me taking pictures from every possible angle. The carpet in the main room was red and huge and I was trying to imagine how long it would have taken to complete it if it was hand knitted.
The Blue Mosque or The Sultanahmet…
The Blue Mosque or The Sultanahmet…
The Blue Mosque or The Sultanahmet…
The Blue Mosque or The Sultanahmet…
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tj1777 tj1777
379 reviews
The Blue Mosque Jun 23, 2007
Around the world you will find several mosque with the name Blue Mosque - but possibly the most impressive of all the worlds blue mosque's you will find in Istanbul. The giant Blue Mosque got its name from the blue tiles on the walls of the interior of the mosque. The mosque is built in the central part of Istanbul which at the time of the construction was the capital of the giant Ottoman Empire. The mosque is actually very close to the other great mosque in Istanbul the Hagia Sofia.

When you are approaching the mosque from the outside you know you are heading in the right direction when you see all the giant minarets surrounding the main room of the mosque. There are four close to the mosque and another four a bit further away from the central room.

To get inside you need to dress conservatively - which means long pants for men and preferably headscarf for women. If you should get to the mosque without this you can borrow them at the site and get a nice blue piece of cloth to use for the visit. Especially the men in shorts look very interesting with the blue cloth around their waist and legs.

The main room is a giant open room where the roof is held by four enormous pillars in the centre of the room. Except of this you will see the usual interior of a mosque with a big open area for prayers and a special woman's section in the back of the mosque with the imam leading the prayer up in front.

The Blue Mosque is a part of the UNESCO world heritage area of historic Istanbul.
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arlene0725 says:
Merhaba. Yes, the Blue Mosque is very impressive in person. My photos doesn't even convey how blue the interior is.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2008
toddster184 says:
One of my dream desitinations. I couldn't get into any mosques in Dubai. Well, Jumeirah, but only on Monday and Wednesday mornings. But I did get a ghutra and a dishdasha to wear around just in case! lol!
Posted on: Dec 10, 2008

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