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Capri, Italy
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Blue Grotto Capri Reviews

JakeMyers JakeMyers
1 reviews
Blue Grotto Excursion--A Very Nice Day Sep 02, 2009
We enjoyed our excursion to the Blue Grotto very much. A very scenic boat ride from Capri's main port. The Blue Grotto itself was fine--worth seeing, though not worth taking a special trip to Capri for the grotto alone. I enjoyed watching people getting into and out of the rowboats almost as much as the Blue Grotto itself! I don't consider it a tourist trap at all, as long as you understand in advance what it's all about.
stewy88 says:
I was definitely one of those ridiculous people getting in the row boats the wrong way round, good times :) Quite an experience as you attempt to fit into the caves whilst the gondolier is singing his lungs out!
Posted on: Dec 26, 2009
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Boston_Babe Boston_B…
37 reviews
Tourist Trap! May 07, 2008
Our first time in Capri and we were looking forward to seeing the Blue Grotto. For those that don't know, it's a water-filled cave in the side of the island that you can take a boat tour into and see the brilliant blue color of the seemingly lit up water by the reflection of the sun. This is a review from 2001 and I do not remember the exact costs which were in Lira at the time. Anyway, after waiting in line for a very long time with space invaders pushing their bellies up against my back (seriously, I was ready to throw elbows), we finally pay a moderately expensive fee to get into a boat that held about 20 or so people. They cram as many as they can into this speed-type boat. So, we're boating to the Grotto and enjoying the view when all of the sudden we get closer and there's all these mini rowboats near the mouth of the cave. Next thing we know, they're demanding another fee to get into those boats! At this point you really have no choice, so we pay (again!) and have to make a very precarious step from the bigger boat into the little bobbing dingy...scary! Now we're in and the rower guy in our boat is trying to tell us in broken English to get down. Get down where? Ya know how a rowboat has slats for seats? Well, he made my husband and I lay down longways in the bottom of the boat under the seats! We were CRAMMED in there. At this point my husband is getting really sea sick and can't even enjoy the sight. So, we're entering the cave and I admit that it was beautiful, but they row in, hang out for not more than 10 minutes and row out. Keep in mind that there are dozens of these rowboats in the cave so it's not this great unobstructed view. As we're rowing out, the rower guides start talking about how hard their job is and how great they are at doing it. Then they proceed to basically demand tips! So, after two expensive fees for a short vomit-inducing boat ride through the grotto, they're asking for more money!! When my husband handed over what must've been too little of tip, the rowboat guide started shouting in Italian (I'm sure cursing us out) and getting so animated that he ended up knocking the Lira in the water. We were like "life's a bitch, huh". My advice is see if the discovery channel has a high-def Blue Grotto DVD or something...don't waste your time, money and agrivation here.
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Dec 23, 2005
This is as about as big of a tourist trap as you can get. The price is

also extraordinarily steep - you have to pay once to take a motor boat

to the entrance of the grotto itself, then you have to pay again to

take a rowboat inside the grotto, but it's worth seeing once in your


Most of your time will be spent getting to and from the grotto. The

amount of time you get inside the cave is fairly brief and probably

heavily dependent on how much the rower thinks you are going to tip

him. They just row you in and row you out. However, the few minutes you

get inside are enough to gain an appreciation of the beauty of the

place. Because of the way the sunlight reflects off the sand inside the

cave, the water glows with an intense, almost artificial looking blue

color. It is the only place I have ever seen water of that color and

the effect is quite striking. Apparently, in ancient Roman times, the

grotto was connected via underground tunnels to a private villa and

lined with statues, which must have made it one of the nicest swimming

pools around.
Rowboats and tourists line up outs…
The eerie blue water. Although the…
Andrew and Leo go for swim.
Eric says:
Tiberius' minnows?
Posted on: Mar 04, 2006
ainzerka says:
Just saw a bit about Tiberius' minnows on "Roman Vice".
Posted on: Mar 04, 2006

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