Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Reviews

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Cheap Thrills by The Seaside Jul 25, 2014
The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an old theme park, unsurprisingly found in Blackpool, UK.

There are a number of roller-coasters, including the flag-ship 'Pepsi Max Big One' which when opened was the tallest and steepest in the world.

The latest addition is 'Infusion'. The first ever roller inverted coaster to be completely be suspended entirely over water.

Aside from being in Blackpool, the Pleasure Beach is a very pleasant day out. There are rides for all age ranges and for the coaster aficionados some important rides with lots of history. There is still a ride operating that was built in the early 1930s.

There are plenty of places to eat within the park. There is also an ice rink where skating performances and shows are put on.

Worth a visit if you're in the area or a huge roller-coaster fan.
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kieranmcdermott kieranmc…
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Fun by the Sea Apr 13, 2011
Basically Pleasure Beach is a really cool and family-friendly theme park in Blackpool. It has the largest and fastest outdoor Rollercoaster in Europe. It is called the Pepsi Max or the Big One. I would strongly recommend it as it would be a great fun day out
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MissHappyGoLucky MissHapp…
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Nice place to go with the family Apr 18, 2011
This is a truely lovely, family place.

Lots to do and affordable.

Nice for the family or for a fun day out with friends or a partner.

Full of great rides and lots of fun for thrill seekers

Has great places to eat also if you want to take time out from all the thrill seeking! :)
Biedjee Biedjee
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Seedy, run-down, lost glory, yet surprisingly cool theme park Dec 30, 2008
Blackpool remains UK's number one tourist destination, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach the country's most popular free attraction welcoming over 6 million visitors each year.

That said Blackpool's heyday is commonly regarded as 1900-1950, and 50 years later the lost glory is visible on every street corner. However, while I cannot possibly imagine Blackpool as a holiday destination, a day trip to Pleasure Beach can definitely be satisfying.

The park's atmosphere is a cross between lost glory and nostalgia. Even with the decline in visitors to Blackpool the park has been adding new rides on a regular basis, while maintaining some of the old classic rides from the twenties and thirties.

Some of the best rides in the park are:


The best water ride I have ever been on. It is also the most expensive ever built at Pleasure Beach. The warning signs saying 'you will get wet - you may get soaked' are not kidding. This ride has such wild sections it is easy to get soaked to the underwear. With Viking boats that seat 10, the ride offers a splendid combination of floating past animatronic puppets depicting Viking life, special effects and several wild sections with no less than three drops (one of them going backwards).

But it's the special effects where this ride excells. Stretching well beyond the usual lasers and lights the Valhalla ride also has a section where you float through an eerie tunnel created by steam, a frozen section which has real snow and ice and finally a part where flame throwers and explosions happen all around you. Defninitely not for the faint-hearted.

Pepsi Max The Big One

When built in 1994 it was the tallest roller coaster in the world, and still remains the longest closed-circuit coaster in Europe.

At 72 metres high, and a first near vertical twisting drop of 65 metres it also holds the title as one of the scariest coasters I have ever been on. Rather than being strapped in with a shoulder strap, you only have a leg bar and a seatbelt to hold you in your seat, which gives you the feeling of nearly falling out.

This coaster is so long, it runs around three quarters of the park, so you could see it as a high speed sighseeing tour as well.

Big Dipper

The oldest surviving rollercoaster in Europe. This wooden coaster with 5 major dips (and many smaller ones) still holds up in this modern day and age.

Grand National

Built in 1935 this was the first twin-track coaster to be built in Europe, and at present day the only remaining wooden twin-track coaster. The coaster would be cool enough as a single track coaster, but running along the track with two trains next to eachother adds some competitive edge to the experience.

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse coasters are cool. Running along a simple track with dips and 90 degree turns in a tiny cart can cause more excitement than being strapped in on full-on hypercoaster with loops. I like Wild Mouse coasters.

The Wild Mouse at Pleasure Beach was built in 1958 and is one of the last remaining wooden wild mouse coasters in the world. And it is the rickety rackety wooden track that is the key to the excitement here. Running down the track, going faster and faster (no sign of any breaks here) every turn gives you the feeling the cart is about to run off the track. And since that cart is only being held down by a short metal pen, the feeling is not even that far from the truth. And as you are sitting freely in the cart you have a hard time holding on as well, as the dips and bumps could make you fall out as well!

Sir Hiram Maxim Captive Flying Machines

If the thought of running along an 80 year old wooden rollercoaster track scares you, then you should definitely stay away from this one. Built in 1904 this is the last standing of his world famous attractions which are a fore-runner of modern circle swing rides. You sit in metal 'rockets' hanging from a carrousel. Carrousel turns and rockets swing out simulating flight, no big deal you think. However, this being a very old machine, it runs faster and wider than many a modern ride, and the realisation that you are basically sitting in a 100 year old contraption with not much safety features to speak of definitely adds to the excitement.


UKs only bobsleigh ride. Like all rides in Blackpool Pleasure Beach this one too is more extreme than similar rides in other parks. You hurl through banked turns at great speed, creating a feeling surprisingly similar to real bobsleighing.

Irn Bru Revolution

Built in the seventies this was one of Europe's first looping coasters. The cool twist of this particular coaster is that the trains do not go up using a lift. Instead you have to walk up yourself, and enter the train at the coaster's highest point. You are then launched towards a drop, go through a 180 degree loop, back up again and stop at the other end of the track, only to go through the whole exercise again backwards!


The most modern coaster in the park, and somehow also the least exciting. It is an inverted coaster where you hang under the track, with your legs swinging freely in the air, going through 5 inversions (3 loops and 2 corkscrews). However... this is the same coaster that is featured in at least 10 other amusement parks in the world, so in that respect not overly special.

In conclusion, Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers many, many cool rides. There are at least 10 roller coasters, so any coaster lover will be very happy here. As for the surroundings of the park, the tarred walkways with cracks and pot holes do not really create much of an atmosphere. Disneyland this ain't.

But if a no frills park filled to the brim with coasters is what you are after, then Blackpool Pleasure Beach should definitely be on your to do list!
Pleasure Beach entrance
Ocean Boulevard
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Valhalla entrance
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Koralifix says:
I'd love this fun place :)
Posted on: Feb 14, 2009
londonstudent says:
Great review! Thanks :)
Posted on: Sep 22, 2008
_francine_ says:
Yeah. I noticed. {{eyeroll}}

Nah, just kidding dear, just kidding.
Posted on: Sep 21, 2008

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