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Friedrichsruh, Germany
Bismarck-Foundation - Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh
Bismarck-Foundation - Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh
Bismarck-Foundation - Bismarck - memorablia, Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh
Bismarck-Foundation - Chair symbolizing Austrian-Prussian relationshop in 1866, Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh
Bismarck-Foundation - A dress and a suit from Bismarck's times, Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh

Bismarck-Foundation Friedrichsruh Reviews

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Bismarck-Foundation (Otto-von-Bismarck-Stiftung) Jan 22, 2017
The Bismarck Foundation (Otto-von-Bismarck-Stiftung) is one of five foundations of the Federal Republic of Germany with the aim of preserving the memory of important German politicians presenting a historically critical view of their lives. The Bismarck Foundation is the youngest of the currently five, the others represent the life and deeds of Konrad Adenauer, Friedrich Ebert, Theodor Heuss and Willy Brandt. Its seat is the former train station building of Friedrichsruh which was refurbished in the 1990s after years of decay.

In the ground floor, there is the interesting exhibition “Bismarck und seine Zeit” (Bismarck and his time which describes Germany's way from the post-napoleonic chaos of small kingdoms and dukedoms to the unification into one German state in 1871. With Bismarck being the driving force behind this process, the exhibition is linked to Bismarck's life. It is interesting to see that his militant attitude against France are mentioned as well as Bavaria's and Austria's antipathy against the dominance of Bismarck's Prussia. But probably one of Bismarck's greatest enemies was the German Emperor Wilhelm II. While Bismarck worked out the unification of Germany with Wilhelm's grandfather Wilhelm I., the young emperor felt to be patronized by the old chancellor and quickly forced Bismarck into retirement. Wilhelm II. destroyed Bismarck's system of European alliances and forced Germany into isolation which led the country into WWI.

Even if the exhibition does not contain as many original items as the exhibition in the nearby Bismarck-Museum does, I consider this to be the better exhibition with a good mixture of pictures and text. Probably the only drawback is for our foreign visitors as all texts are presented in German. Staff is helpful, English-Speaking and will surely help you if you have any questions.

As of 2012, the exhibition is for free and takes around an hour to see. A donation of 1 EUR/visitor is suggested, but not mandatory. On the first floor, there is an exhibition space which often contains art exhibition from lesser known local artists. Some basic Bismarck info can be found on my Friedrichsruh Blog.
Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh
Bismarck-Foundation, Friedrichsruh
A dress and a suit from Bismarck's…
Chair symbolizing Austrian-Prussia…
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