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#1 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
tuintje says: "We stayed in Umai Hotel in April/ May this year. Liked it very much. It is locat..."
#2 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
trippinginnederland says: "After all the hustle and bustle from the city centre, this is the place where we..."
#3 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
TheJohnsons says: "Sakura guest house, location very good for trolley buses into town, which are ju..."
#4 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
hauteboy says: "We spent one night at the Radison Guesthouse Not to be confused with Radisson H..."
#5 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
RobertPenna says: "A really nice hotel in Bishkek. In warm weather there is a lovely pool with fak..."
#6 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
For dinner and lunch options, the Hotel Dostuk is surrounded by a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. Manas International Air...
Average Rate
#7 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
AK KEME HOTEL is located in the ecologically clean district of Bishkek. The splendid views of the city with its greenery from on...
Average Rate
#8 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
The Golden Dragon Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel complex with high quality services. Located in a quiet neighbourhood - the H...
#9 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
Welcome to the 5-star hotel Jannat located in the south side of the city in a distance of the noise and vanity in ecological and...
#10 of 14 hotels in Bishkek
The Hyatt Regency Bishkek is located in the heart of the business and government districts and the central area of the city. It ...
Average Rate
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