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Biloxi -- Space, History, and Museums
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Oct 18, 2014 – Oct 19, 2014
I was undecided about where I wanted to head this morning -- I only knew that I wanted to get out of Baton Rouge and head to so…
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Nov 18, 2009 – Dec 12, 2009
after the worlds largest chair, i zoomed on over to Biloxi to see Jefferson Davis' "White House" during the Civil War and the B…
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Staying in a Trailer Park in a Manufactured Home
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Aug 06, 1999
This was the experience of a lifetime; everything was a first for me when I moved to the small townof Biloxi. It is not one of …
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Jun 03, 2017 – Jun 09, 2017
The rain continued pouring down as we finished our journey for the day. Thankfully it had ligtened slightly by the tiem we appr…
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This blog was featured on Friday June 16th, 2017
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