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A nationwide smoking ban and the only capital in the world without traffic lights are amongst the quirky attractions of little-visited Bhutan, which confidently strides to a different rhythm to the rest of the world. This hidden corner of Asia has one major obstacle for potential visitors: price. With visas famously starting at $200/day (and the old back door through day trip from India slammed firmly shut), only the most well off of travelers can afford to stick around. Those that do are treated to dazzling personal tours through scantily populated mountain regions, on itineraries entirely of their own choosing.

Capital Thimphu is your most likely starting point, where red-robed monks drift between pot holes and spin prayer wheels on their way to the many whitewashed temples. It’s slow paced, friendly and relaxing, and by far Bhutan’s best chance to escape your tour guide and see the warm-natured markets, bars and outlying reserves unaccompanied.

As intriguing as Thimphu is, however, it’s the wild, Himalayan side of Bhutan that truly blows the mind. The revered Jhomolhari trek takes you through ancient tribal villages to Bhutan’s most sacred, snow-capped peak, while the Snowman trek is a full on 25 days of high altitude snow, through the craggy skylines and remote villages that you simply can't access any other way; certainly not a walk for the unfit or the nervous, or the poor, seeing as that absolute minimum cost is the $5,000 you'll have to pay for nearly a months worth of visa.

The strenuous walk to the cliff side splendor of Taktshang Goemba – ‘the Tiger’s Nest’ – is a sacred pilgrimage to a holy site that seems to hover in the air over a fierce drop off, and represents a well-known symbol of Bhutan, and perhaps the local must see. The delicate architecture of the Buddhist town of Bumthang dazzles amongst the plains, thousands of years of peaceful culture still prevalent in the monasteries and regular festivities. For all its plentiful scenic sights and indifference to the outside world, though, Bhutan's still managed to sneak in bird spotting and an uncanny ability with a bow and arrow as additional tourist draws.

The ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ is far from run-off-the-mill. Pricey, but well preserved and scenically spectacular, many travelers rank the magic and mystique of Bhutan and its gentle, amiable culture amongst their most special travel experiences.

Paro #1 most popular location
The decent into Paro airport is something special. Flying vertically through a labyrinth of mountains before you touch down, it must be the worlds most demanding approach for a pilot. Arrivin…
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Thimphu #2 most popular location
Thimphu was established as the capital of Bhutan in 1952. At that time it was hardly more then a fortress surrounded by some huts. Thimphu town is going through an unprecedented construc…
47travelers 13reviews 9blogs
Punakha #3 most popular location
Punakha is located in a fertile and beautiful valley at 1350 meters/4430 feet. Thirty years ago this little town was only a dzong (fortress). The small size of the place is surprising conside…
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Gangtey #4 most popular location
4reviews 2blogs
Wangdiphodrang #5 most popular location
Wangdiphodrang is both a town and the captial of the district of the same name in a fertile valley in central Bhutan. A large Dzong dominates the skyline, originally built for military prote…
2reviews 3blogs
Trongsa #6 most popular location
Trongsa lies six to eight hours out of Thimpu on the way to Bumthang and Jakara and is one of Bhutan's most historic little towns. The dzong here (temple), constructed in 1644 is particularl…
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Jakar #7 most popular location
Jakar is a relatively small town in the central/eastern part of Bhutan and is the capital of the Bumthang District, popular for its many trekking locations, dzongs and natural beauty. Located…
Thimpu #8 most popular location
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Jangothang #9 most popular location
Wangdue Phodrang #10 most popular location
Phuntsholing #11 most popular location
Phuntsholing is the border town in southern Bhutan, a windy six to eight hour drive from Thimpu and lies across the border from the dusty, dirty, noisy Indian town of Jaigaon. A large Tibeta…
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Lobesa #12 most popular location
Lhuentse #13 most popular location
Shana #14 most popular location
Tashigang #15 most popular location
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Samdrup Jongkhar #16 most popular location
Thangthangka #17 most popular location
Trashigang #18 most popular location