Beware of ticks!

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Beware of ticks! - Taking a stroll in Sviatogorsk
Beware of ticks! - A view of the monastery from the opposite bank
Beware of ticks! - Taking a stroll in Sviatogorsk
Beware of ticks! - Taking a stroll in Sviatogorsk
Beware of ticks! - Taking a stroll in Sviatogorsk
Beware of ticks! - A view of Artiom Hill from the opposite bank

Beware of ticks! Sviatogorsk Reviews

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Epidemiologists Advise Sep 28, 2017
Sviatogorsk is a city where you feel like coming back again and again. It is the center of Orthodox pilgrims, a resort city and a paradise for forest and river lovers…

However, epidemiologists keep reminding us of the possible dangers you might experience during your stay in Sviatogorsk.

Year after year ticks pester the holidaymakers and pilgrims here. There are dangerous species of ticks here too, those that may cause fever. Most visitors come to Svyatogorsk in summer when those insects are the most active and hence dangerous. They say the ticks are very poisonous in June. What’s more, fumigation is forbidden here since it is Holy Mountains state reserve. You can see notices in many places. They read, Beware of ticks! However, many holidaymakers do not pay any attention, thinking they are just another advertisement and totally forget about all precautions.

The tick often remains attached to your skin. Therefore, the sooner you get rid of it, the better. However, do not pull, it may leave a part of it still embedded. What do you have to do? Although all the locals say their insects are not infectious at all, there are some useful precautions:

* Either "drown" the tick by covering it with a heavy oil like salad oil or machine oil. If it does not separate immediately, leave the oil over the wound for about half an hour and then slowly and carefully remove the tick's body with tweezers;

* or light a cigarette and apply the glowing end to the tick's body taking care not to burn the skin. It should now fall off.

Use tick-repellent chemicals on skin and clothing, which will considerably reduce the risk of infection in tick-infested localities.

Here is How to Remove Ticks:

Poisonous snakes are among other “natural dangers”. You can come across one of them at a forest glade or anywhere in the suburbs. There are several kinds of adders and vipers in the area. Many of them mutate and look like harmless grass snakes… Be warned and watch your step when you walk in the forest. The main thing is not to step on any viper...

Stray dogs in the city represent a “city danger”. They are mostly peaceful, but their behavior is often unpredictable. Therefore, leave them alone and try not to notice them, they will do the same to you. Our lesser brothers are not as dangerous as vipers, thank goodness.
A view of Artiom Hill from the opp…
A view of the monastery from the o…
Taking a stroll in Sviatogorsk
Taking a stroll in Sviatogorsk
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vicIII says:
Forewarned is forearmed....
Posted on: Mar 11, 2017
AdamR3723 says:
This article does not encourage me to visit Sviatogorsk !!!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2017
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