Beware of the ladyboys!!

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Pattaya, Thailand

Beware of the ladyboys!! Pattaya Reviews

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Beware of the ladyboys!! Oct 06, 2011
To all the single men going for some fun to Pattaya. Beware of the lady boys as there are plenty infact hundreds and hundreds of them. You don't wanna spoil your night by not knowing what you're taking home with

Here's a great tip I found:-

10 ways to spot a ladyboy

1. Facial hair - yes I know it is obvious but I have seen tourists out dancing with akatoey / ladyboy sporting 5 o'clock shadows. Thai girls are generally quite hairless.

2. She is too beautiful to be true - if she is tall and beautiful and not working as a model then chances are it's a he. A Ladyboy / Katoey go to great lengths to lookbeautiful, even to the point of surgery - eyes, lips, breasts, and even the cut and tuck, though from all accounts most are cross dressers without the final surgery.

3. She has a penis - again not so hard to figure out but many a katoey / ladyboy will go for a grope of your private parts shortly after meeting you - as far as I am concerned this opens the door for you to return the grope. A hard bulge is not so easy to spot either - many tuck it up between their legs and even tape it there.

4. Adams apple - girls don't have one. Thai girls definitely don't have one

5. Slightly masculine - Thai girls are extremely feminite, extremely. If you meet one who has an athletic, hard body or has a slightly hard face then this too is an indicator. Just to confuse things Khmer girls (Cambodian) are more muscular than Thai girls, you can tell them though they are generally short and dark skinned.

6. Big Hands / Feet - Thai girls are reknown for have tiny cute hands and feet, if your chick is sporting size 10 high heels you are going to have to question whether you want to check out what else is at large

7. Excessive makeup - Thai girls dont usually wear a lot of makeup, if she has foundation caked on, and has her maeup done very well then it is likely she is a ladyboy

8. Tall - Thai girls are short, averaging about 155cm, or less. If she is getting up to around 6' then she is a model or if she is talking to a tourist (you) then it is much more likely that you are being chatted up by a ladyboy / katoey

She wants to do 'it' in the dark and never undresses in front of you. Thai girls are generally shy, except during the business. I have heard stories of guys going with akatoey / ladyboy and then next day not even been aware that they had sex with a man, if she wants to do it from behind or in the total dark at all times or just wants to suck you all night long then you should go for grope or a surprise lighting effect

9.Her friends - ladyboys and katoeys tend to stick together and not all of them are stunners, if you see a hot girl sitting with some obvious transvestites then your hot girl will be one too 99% of the time. They tend to stick together, and like football players - they hunt in packs.

10.Ask - if in doubt just ask - Are you a ladyboy?
toxicsunny says:
Bwahahahaha... this cracked me up :D
Posted on: Jul 08, 2013
rajeevpareek says:
ha ha..funny but true !
Posted on: Jun 11, 2012
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