Beware of pickpockets in Paris

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The Metro trains, Paris, France

Beware of pickpockets in Paris Reviews

killustrations killustr…
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The 'lost ring' Scam Jun 12, 2012
I'm not really sure if this is a new thing in Paris, but I didn't see it the last time I was here so I thought I'd post this in case some people didn't know about it.

There are now people on the streets in Paris, waiting for touristy-looking people (mostly couples) to walk by and as soon as you walk by them, they pretend to find a gold ring on the ground and try to return it to you. I'm not sure what happens if you accept it (no one walking in front of me was so easily fooled) but I'm assuming they either steal your money while you take it or they ask for a reward of some sort.
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Kaantie95 Kaantie95
7 reviews
Paris 'Pocketers' Oct 23, 2007
Never take it for granted any good advice, especially when in Paris.

Last year, I took my sister and niece for a 4 days visit to Paris.

First 3 days awesome. Last day, while travelling by metro train to Paris Noord to take Thaly's train, I was pickpocketed, mastermindedly.

I lost USD 1,800 which I kept in my left front jeans pocket while has my long winter coat covered and buttoned-up. Just minutes ago, I exchanged some to Euro which saved me with that trip.

I learnt to be very very extra cautious.

Just a lesson learnt. Out there, there are people who are in their utmost best and I wished them well with that money I lost. Well, Indian's have a saying," When things are tough or bad, due to Law of Karma which we believe, we say instead of losing your head, you lost your hat, so stay cool".

eireanninion says:
The absolute best attitude! I had an experience like this just in New York my first time. It was my last day and I was heading to the subway from having just seen a Broadway play that someone had offered me a ticket to. As I was leaving, I checked to make sure I had everything and my last $85 was still there. I got back to the place I was staying and it was gone! Amazing! All I could think was that now I had experienced the complete NY experience (or big city experience anywhere) and whomever had done it was Really good! I laughed and learned that day and never carry things in one place nor do I carry every payment option with me. :-) I was grateful for the lesson!
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009
gejah says:
It is true, but it is everywhere when a lot of people gather. Also in Arnhem, Barcelona, Bulgaria everywhere. But it is not nice if it happens to someone! Take care wherever you are!
Posted on: Dec 01, 2008

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