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Bern is the capital of Switzerland (not Zurich or Geneva!) and a charming little town more or less in the middle of the country and close to the french speaking part. With the 130.000 habitants Bern is the fourth largest city in Switzerland.
The nice Old Town is located in the kink of the river Aare and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Bern owns a small international airport called Bern-Belp.

Its famous for its slowness and laid back attitude of its inhabitants (of course thats in the most cases just a prejudice).

Many national buildings and sights can be found here... Dont miss the Bärengraben! The bear is the heraldic animal of the town and the canton. The Einstein House is here and is where Einstein developed the theory of relativity.

Every year in the middle of July the Gurtenfestival take place. This is one of the biggest music festival of Switzerland with international stars.

You can clearly see that this city hasn't changed at all in over five hundred years except for the adornment of modern shop signs and the odd car or tram rattling past.

The hills all around, and the steep banks of the river, are still liberally wooded. Views, both of the Old Town’s clustered roofs and of the majestic Alps on the horizon, are breathtaking.

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