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Berlin, Germany

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dfonticiell dfontici…
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Berlin Mar 25, 2013
I would recommend heading to checkpoint charlie and seeing the museum, then going to Branderburg Gate and see the Reichstag and the Soviet Soldier monument, then walk all the way to the victory column, nice stroll. When you are done head to the museums in museum insel and then to alexanderplatz. I do not remember if you had to pay to go to the museums but they are worth a visit, specially Pergamon. Try the kurry wurst and enjoy walking the city, Berlin has a lot to offer
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mistere mistere
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If only I had more time.. Jun 14, 2011
I went to Berlin in November 2010 firstly for a stag do and secondly to see the city on my own when they left! I honestly had a great time in Berlin and was glad I went!

There was a lot to do in Berlin and my weekend was just not long enough. I saw the historic and cultural landmarks of the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. I also went into the "old" museum where the Egyptian artefacts were. I was surprised to find the bust of Nefertiti there as I had only ever seen it in books previously! You're not allowed to take pictures of it unfortunately!

Other things to do include seeing the Jewish museum. I took a picture of this but didn't actually realise what it was until I got back! There is also plenty of the Berlin wall remaining to visit and there are areas which have particularly good graffiti! Some of them are painted on the whole side of buildings!

It is also interesting to see East Berlin and the remnants of the Soviet occupation.

There was so much more I could have visited though, if I had the time! A weekend really wasn't enough! This is a great place to go both for its history and for its culture. Berlin is well worth visiting!
Brandenburger Tor
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dizahav dizahav
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berlin Feb 23, 2011
Amazing vital city great night life nice parks nice museums especially the pergamon. Take the fat tire bike tours.
berlin on Fat Bike tour
nice park in berlin teergarten
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cavlizzy cavlizzy
37 reviews
Awesome! Loved it! May 08, 2011
There is so much to see in Berlin.... you need at least 3-4 days. Especially if you are going to hop over to Potsdam to see the Sans Souci Palace of Frederick the Great! (which I highly recommend, Caravaggio's "Doubting Thomas" painting is in the Gallery next door) In Berlin you Must see: The Pergamon Museum (huge structures here like the Gate of Ishtar), The Egyptian Museum (Bust of Nefertiti), Jewish Memorial (approx. 2000 pillars), The Brandenburg Gate, The Wall in Potsdamer Platz, The Science? Museum (largest dino in the world), The Germalderie(sp) Gallery (very famous works of art) You could spend half a day at many of these stops. We took our young children, and they still remember The Wall and many other neat things. Berlin also has great places to eat. There was even a Tony Romas! Dresden, Germany is a short drive and also has much to see. They have the painting by Raphael with the "baby angels" that have become so famous. This is an enormous painting, which surprising the focus is NOT the angels!
The Bust of Nefertiti - Egyptian M…
The Jewish Memorial.. HUGE -that i…
The Pergamon - Gates of Ishtar in …
The Pergamon Museum - Berlin
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hikealot hikealot
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Affordable and modern city Jun 06, 2011
With a complex but highly efficient rail network, Berlin gave me much to appreciate. From the extensive history and museums to the many parks and pubs, I did very much enjoy my stay here. One place that I'd recommend for a picnic, a walk or for just lazing around in the sun (considering it's summer) is the 'Schloss Garten'. This was one of my favourite locations that I went to during my stay. Berlin is a must visit if you are doing a Euro trip.
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beck18york1 beck18yo…
3 reviews
Hardly any history or German people left! Jun 30, 2011
This town had a lot of refugees in it. I don't think I ran into one real German person while I was there. There is hardly any of the Berlin Wall left. Everything has been torn down or completely replaced, so there is no ORIGINAL historical stuff. I guess i was expecting more historical value in the city. Still was great to see the city!
Berliner Dom on MuseumsInsel
Jewish Memorial Site
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jsuuronen jsuuronen
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Jul 18, 2007
Wow lets see, berlin, four days.. Im not really sure what is up your alley, but here is what i did.. I was there for over a week though.

- bike tour - fat tire i believe was the group.. They have a place on alexanderplatz under the tower. Cheap, very informative, berlin is huge - but extremely flat, very easy riding. Met some great people on this tour as well.

- pergamon museum - i really enjoyed this museum, it contains the pergamon altar, and the ishtar gates of babylon. To me, the altar was fantastic.. The audio guides were very useful and i spent a ton of time in this room alone. I dont remember the entry cost, i think the audio guides were free.

- topography of terror - free outside exhibit on the old grounds of the gestapo/ss headquarters. This was very interesting, and didnt take that long.

- east side gallery - this is one of my favorite attractions in berlin, the longest surviving stretch of the wall which was taken over by artists and is now covered in murals. Highly recommend - free.

- checkpoint charlie museum - this museum was a total piece of crap and a waste of time. It was the most unorganized museum ive ever been to, even with the audio guide, i found it very confusing overall - while the individual rooms arent terrible, there is no flow and i recall reading/seeing the same things multiple times throughout the museum. Hopefully it has improved since then, but i doubt that. Not sure what to tell you haha..

brandenburg gate is worth seeing, as is tiergarten.. Bike tour i think went through both. Reichstag i never went into myself, but going to the top of the glass dome is supposed to be very nice indeed.

im sure im missing things, so hopefully others will chime in and fill in the holes. Overall, i loved berlin, ended up staying there longer than i had planned and for a major capital i found the prices quite reasonable, and a definite treat after the likes of paris and rome.

hope you enjoy your stay, its a great city!
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