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Berkeley, California
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donvanderdrift donvande…
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Out in Berkeley Jan 25, 2012
You arrive in Berkeley and you wonder, like I did: Where do I have to go to have some fun, but also a decent drink? And no, you don't have to go the city for that!

Upfront: Everything closes here at 2am, but starts to get seriously crowded around 9.30pm. A beer will cost you on average $5 (excl. tip).

- Triple Rock

Triple Rock is a brewing pub and therefore sells only beer they have brewed themselves. Luckily, the beer is very good and tasty. They also offer the whole range from very light to very strong and/or dark, with some seasonal beers on the side. Besides drinking beer, they also serve very decent food (mainly burgers, salads and sandwiches).

TIP: Go here on a Thursday (before 8.30pm if you want to avoid to wait in line) and try their (in)famous Monkeyhead beer! Be sure to try it before they run out, since it runs for $10 for a one liter bottle. (It comes with a set of small glasses to share with friends.)


- Jupiter

Jupiter also serves their own beer, which is (in my opinion) somewhat less tasty than the ones from Triple Rock. The venue is quite large and there is a nice large patio in the back with a lot of tables. The atmosphere here is very relaxed and allows for somewhat more of a conversation. The food they serve is mainly pizza (that's what they do best at least).


- Thalassa

Thalassa is more your typical bar (save for the big pool/billiards hall that comes with it), with cocktails and a large collections of liquor and beer. If you're not from around the bay area, I would recommend to try one of the local beers they have on tap here, such as Anchor Steam or Pyramid Hefeweizen.


- Revival Bar

Revival Bar is both a restaurant and a bar. The food they serve in the restaurant is very good, but pricy. And so are the drinks. A nice glass of wine will cost you $8-$12 and a beer will cost you on average $5.50. But for that money you will get first of all a really good drink and second of all, a really good service. This place is a little bit more upscale, but very friendly and welcoming. The beers and wines they offer change on roughly a monthly basis. Go here if you want to take your time, have a good conversation (without having to raise your voice) or because you really like whiskey. They offer a wide variety of liquors and some of the better whiskeys, tequilas and vodkas. Also, the best cocktails in downtown Berkeley are found here!

TIP: On Thursday nights there is live music. And happy hour is 3.30pm - 6pm (not in the weekend), so if you crave for a tasty drink in the late afternoon, this is the place to be.


- Others

Besides the ones mentioned there are others like: BEC's, Shattuck Down Low and Beta Lounge

Unfortunately I haven't been there more than once, so more ins and outs on those will come later.
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LaurynBoogie LaurynBo…
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Jul 12, 2007 i kno everyone wants to go to the city(SF) but no one realizes that right across the bay is a whole lot to do as well. All you have to do is hop on BART, which you can catch all over downtown SF. Go across the bay and go to downtown berkely and there are a whole lot of fun quaint bars within walking distance of eachother.

-Thalassa- this is actually one of my most favorite spots and you might even see me here if you come. The name is not outside but it is right next door to a book store. The bartenders make great drinks and there are a lot of pool tables. I mean a lot.

-Jupiter- Also a resturant this place is nice and chill and you have like music sometimes and the outdoor seating is fun too. Plus local brews.

-The Downlow- Its a bar and a dance club pretty fun but i dont go there a lot cuz im broke and i dont like paying cover.

There is a whole lot to do during the day too, just go to Telegraph and you wil see what i mean. Plus, if that wasn't enough i have lived here my whole life just ask me anything.
acwatson77 says:
Thank you so much for the awesome advice!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007

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