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Stowe, Vermont

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Stowe Reviews

travelfan1963 travelfa…
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Ice Cream at 9 a.m. Jul 30, 2011
It's a special treat to be eating ice cream for breakfast. At the Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour in Waterbury, Vermont, tours are given daily, beginning at 9:00 a.m.. Being that I love the flavors "Cherry Garcia" and "Mint Chocolate Chip", I had to visit the factory.

Each tour runs around twenty minutes for a $3.00 admission fee, with the start of the visit being signaled by a cowbell. The tour begins with an orientation film (which the guide calls a "moo-vie") about the history of Ben & Jerry's. Ben and Jerry were best friends from New York and got into the ice cream business after completing a $5.00 Pennsylvania correspondence course. Starting in a gas station, Ben & Jerry's is now one of the largest employers in Vermont.

The tour includes a viewing and overview of the production room. Ice cream is only made on weekdays and while tours are given on weekends, unfortunately, you won't see a lot on Saturdays or Sundays. Try to visit on a weekday when ice cream is being made.

The best (and last) part of the tour is the tasting room where visitors are given a sample of the day. If you are a big ice cream fan, a hint is to go early before the crowds arrive, as there may be leftover samples. The tour group I was with got to sample "Americone Dream", which is vanilla ice cream with waffles and caramel, and extras were given away because our group was small. The tasting room includes a display of some of Ben & Jerry's latest flavors--some which are unusual. I had to try "Late Night Snack", which is vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chips, as it sounded pretty different.

While the tour is short, there are some interesting facts. One of my favorite parts was hearing that each employee gets to take home three pints of ice cream every day. That's a lot of ice cream to eat!

Another interesting area (not part of the tour) is the flavor graveyard on the grounds, which is a mock graveyard of some flavors that didn't sell. Some, like "Oh, Pear" and "Sugar Plum", sound really awful.

The factory includes a gift shop and while the grounds are overly "cutesy" and touristy (lots of painted cows and pink, green and blue colors, along with super friendly staff), the factory is worth a visit if you like ice cream. Be sure to get there early, though, as this is a big Vermont tourist attraction and the factory may be crowded.
Welcome to Ben & Jerry's
The cowmobile, which got Ben & Jer…
Ben & Jerry's current top ten flav…
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jeminigirl says:
Thanks for this, I lurvvvvve Ben & Jerrys =D
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
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sandyfeet09 sandyfee…
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The Sweet Smell of Ben & Jerry's Sep 13, 2009
Cost $6 bucks for a 30 minute tour. Starts with a movie about the history and then brings you to a viewing platform where the process of the ice cream making is broken down. Ends with the best part: free sample of the day!
bkretzer bkretzer
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They Should know how to handle Ice Cream, but they didn't Oct 13, 2008
When I started planning our New England vacation, I wanted to make a point of visiting Ben and Jerry’s to pay homage to some the best ice cream in the world. So I checked out their website and found out all of the particulars. So by the time we finally arrived I was really looking forward to it.

I ended up leaving a bit disappointed. The factory tour starts out OK with a video telling about how Ben and Jerry’s came to be. Then there was the actual production tour, where we would get to see ice cream being made. The trouble was you couldn’t really see anything. Then came the good part. Free ice cream! Everyone got a small dish of a chocolate concoction. It was good. I had every intention of by a pint for later. But, when we got to the ice stand, I was very shocked. The ice cream freezer was small and about 25% of the packages of ice cream had frost on them. That means the ice cream has been thawed and refrozen. That is the one sure way to screw up ice cream. Ice crystals form and the ice cream structure breaks down. It looks bad and tastes the same way. I figured if there was one place in the world that would know how to treat a pint of ice cream, it was Ben and Jerry’s Factory. Someone didn’t get the word.

There were places to take gag pictures and to visit the Flavor Graveyard, which is a monument to flavors that Ben and Jerry’s no longer makes. They were nice, but it didn’t take away the bad taste (pun intended) of the frosty ice cream. It was a nice experience, but I doubt I would go back.
Ben and Jerry's Factory
vulindlela says:
Love this place!
My favorite flavor is White Russian.
How about you?
Posted on: Sep 24, 2009
travelgeek9 travelge…
9 reviews
Best Ice Cream Ever! Apr 01, 2008
No trip to Vermont would be complete without a visit to the Ben & Jerry's factory!! Get your photo taken on Ben or Jerry's body with one of those silly cutouts, or walk the grounds to visit the "Flavor Graveyard" and pay your respects to the loves lost but not forgotten!

The tour is pretty quick and relatively inexpensive. You learn some very interesting facts about B&J as well as the ice cream we all love! The end of the tour passes by the "History Wall" which is quite a treat of news and events from the world of Ben & Jerry.

And then the final stop, the taste testing room!!! Don't miss it, it's only a couple hours of your day and you'll never forget it!!
New flavors when I was there...
Evolution of the Ben & Jerry's Pin…
Movin' On
'Your face here'
PleaseDontBePsycho PleaseDo…
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May 09, 2007
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

If you happen to be driving through Vermont, you must (absolutely must) stop for the Ben and Jerry's factory tour in Waterbury. There's a short movie on how the company started and then they take you around where you can see all the giant mixing vats from behind glass partitions. Since the "imperfect" pints aren't sold in stores, they give all tour participants free tasters. Except these are 1/4 cup sized tasters. And they offer a variety of flavours. The only reason they are considered imperfect is because of the distribution of things like strawberries or cookie clusters being too close together or far apart. So go hungry! 3 bucks for adults, 2 bucks for seniors and kids under 12 are free. It gets busy, especially in the summer. So call to make reservations and if you can't make reservations then find out the tour times and head there a bit early.

If that's not the deal of the millenium, then I don't know what is.
PleaseDontBePsycho says:
i'll make an addendum: this was 12 years ago. i can't vouch for the tour nowadays ;p
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
jkazman says:
The Ben and Jerry's tour is the biggest waste of time in the history of the world. A deal is the last thing I'd call it. It was a robbery, we had a tour guide that was uninterested and plain boring, the tour was such a disappointment, I'd say a Box factory tour would be more exciting. Save your money, drive straight past this place and do something anything other then this...
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
Kana says:
I've been there, too. I was in heaven! :)
Posted on: May 11, 2007
s_delrio s_delrio
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Oct 27, 2007
It's kinda cheap but it's not worth it going all the way there for that. They show you a video and a tiny part of the factory and then they give you a sampole and sell you merchandise and ice cream of course.
AtlantaScottyV AtlantaS…
39 reviews
Aug 09, 2006
No visit to this part of Vermont would be complete without a stop at the Ben & Jerry's near Waterbury andthere's no way I couldgive this icon of ice cream greatness anything less than 5 stars! OK, so the tour is kinda cheesy (no pun intended) and no different than the tour at any other Ice Cream factory (Breyers, The Mayfield Dairy outside of Atlanta, etc), but to be in the presence of all that ice cream bliss was pure heaven. Speaking of heaven, be sure to visit the ice cream graveyard where all the old flavors are retired. Today's sample was American Pie, which was good,but I would have preferred some Chunky Monkey. ClickHERE for details on the Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour. The gift shop is loaded with a lot of junk, however I was able to find the perfect t-shirt that sums up my workout at the gym lately: "Body by Ben & Jerry's".
carolyn3723 says:
I totally agree!!
Posted on: Apr 30, 2007
mariemak mariemak
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Aug 11, 2003
The Ben & Jerry’s Factory is an ice cream lover's dream. Seeing ice cream, learning about ice cream, and the best part...tasting ice cream! Ben & Jerry's is an easy pick for great ice cream but, if you can imagine, it is even better at the factory! The history of the company is also one of those great American success stories (complete with hippies and a van, of course) and you can learn about their continued fair trade efforts as well. If you are ever in Vermont, it is worth swinging by for a tour and a taste.

My favorite - Half Baked...but only because One Sweet Whirled and Festivus are in the Flavor Graveyard (which is an actual place – who knew!).
Adrian_Liston says:
Oh, I am looking forward to visiting Vermont to see the Ben and Jerry's factory :)
Posted on: Sep 08, 2007

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