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One of the founding members of the European Union, Belgium has long been seen as one of the crossroads of Europe, where the Germanic and Latin cultures meet. The country is known internationally for its strong beers, its waffles and chocolates, its scenery, and its relaxed views on politics, religion, sexuality, and life in general.

The Romans gave Belgium its name when they created the province of Gallia Belgica in the first century BC. Over the years the country has seen a varying line of rulers from several different countries until the founding of the country in 1830. Since then the country has been a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy and a forerunner in European integration through the Benelux and the EU, has paved the way for other European countries to follow in its wake.

Visiting Belgium means you will want to come back again and again and again. It is impossible to see all the wonders that this European country has to offer in just one trip. From the mixture of old-world and new in places like Brussels and Antwerp, to the medieval tourist city that is Bruges, to the medieval canal city of Ghent and the forested hills and plains in between, there is a reason Belgium is called the Essence of Europe, because it combines everything that makes this part of the world so picturesque and idyllic.

However, most people know Belgium for two reasons: beer and chocolate. Belgium produces a staggering amount of beer: over 500 different varieties. In addition, some of the most famous brands of chocolate in the world are made here, from Godiva to Galler and Guylian, to Callebaut. Belgian cuisine is also some of the most famous in the world and most gastronomic guides, such as the Michelin Guide, include Belgian restaurants as some of the best in the world. Everyone has heard of Belgian waffles, and coming here means you get to taste them right at the source.

Brussels #1 most popular location
As the artistic heart of the EU, Brussels is necessarily multicultural, a vibe that’s only accentuated a feeling that the city’s always been divided – half French, half Flemish - though…
1,199travelers 392reviews 187blogs
Brugge #2 most popular location
Bruges reputation for being inundated with almost countless tourists is something you’ll probably hear of well before you arrive, but, fortunately, the huge camera-clad groups roaming the s…
238travelers 82reviews 72blogs
Antwerp #3 most popular location
Belgium, they say, is boring. Whoever ‘they’ are, they obviously haven’t been to Antwerp. Belgium’s second city is fashionable, fast-paced, art loving, and more fun at night than most…
442travelers 63reviews 52blogs
Ghent #4 most popular location
Known as Gent in the western world, Ghent is a city in the northern section of Belgium in the Flanders region of the country. Initially born as a small settlement on the confluence of the riv…
279travelers 51reviews 28blogs
Leuven #5 most popular location
The capital of the Flemish Brabant province in the Flemish Region of Belgium, just 30 clicks outside of Brussels, Leuven is a true university town, complete with the oldest Catholic universit…
179travelers 58reviews 44blogs
Ostend #6 most popular location
Oostende in Flemish is a busy beach town were local fisherman sell their catch of the day. The city itself is called "the queen of the Belgian Coastel cities" and along the beach you will fin…
17travelers 4reviews
Blankenberge #7 most popular location
Blankenburg (Blankenberge) has more to offer than nice beaches. Everybody will enjoy a walk through the busy shopping streets of the centre of the city. In earlier times the town was nothing …
1travelers 5reviews
Durbuy #8 most popular location
1reviews 2blogs
Liege #9 most popular location
Liége is situated 90 km east of Brussels. The city i fairly large and the second largest french speaking city in Belgium. Liegé is the pricipal economic and cultural centre of Wallonia. The…
47travelers 9reviews 9blogs
Ypres #10 most popular location
3travelers 4reviews 8blogs
De Haan #11 most popular location
De Haan is a charming seaside town in Belgium. It doesn't have as many high-rise hotels as some of the other seaside resorts. Even at the height of the tourist season in summer, you can often…
4travelers 4reviews
Mechelen #12 most popular location
Mechelen, the religious capital of Belgium (because of the seat of the Cardinal), was build near the river Dijle and the Leuven canal. The town has an interesting history, dating back to the …
50travelers 32reviews 4blogs
Hasselt #13 most popular location
Hasselt is the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg, not to be confused with the Dutch province of Limburg Hasselt is located on the Albert Canal and the Demer, between Kempen and Has…
49travelers 7reviews
Namur #14 most popular location
Namur is the capital of Namur province as well as the political capital of Wallonia (the French-speaking Southern part of Belgium). The city has a population of 105,000. Namur is located at t…
20travelers 10reviews 4blogs
Kortrijk #15 most popular location
Kortrijk lies in the Belgian Province of West Flanders, on the river Leie. Kortrijk dates from Roman times, when it was called Cortoriacum. The city was destroyed by the Normans, and it was r…
33travelers 2reviews 12blogs
Spa #16 most popular location
Spa is a village in the province of Liège (Walloon region) in Belgium. This village is famous for its sources of healing mineral springs and for the race course. At this race course there is…
8travelers 6blogs
Bouillon #17 most popular location
Bouillon is one of these lovely small cities in the Belgian Ardennes (south east of Belgium in Wallonia), especially worth visiting as it is located within a sharp bend of the Semois river. …
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La Roche-en-Ardenne #18 most popular location
Malmedy #19 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Charleroi #20 most popular location
Charleroi is the largest city and municipality of Wallonia, located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. The municipality features an industrial area, iron and steel industry, glassworks, ch…
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Stavelot #21 most popular location
Stavelot is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Liège. On January 1, 2006 Stavelot had a total population of 6,671. The total area is 85.07 km² which gives a populatio…
5reviews 1blogs
Dinant #22 most popular location
The commune of Dinant has today aprox. 13.000 residents, and is situated 25 kilometres south of the city of Namur and approx. 65 km south of Brussels. The city turned out to be a little g…
5travelers 4reviews 6blogs
De Panne #23 most popular location
De Panne is well-known for its wide nature reserves and the widest beach of the Flemish Coast. The greatest gift of De Panne is a present from the sea: its beach ! The widest on the Flemis…
4travelers 1reviews
Diegem #24 most popular location
5reviews 2blogs
Oostende #25 most popular location
Oostende (or Ostend) is a town in the Belgian province of West Flanders, it is one of the major coastal cities of belgium Oostende received city rights in 1267, but the first traces of habi…
25travelers 6reviews 1blogs
Houffalize #26 most popular location
Rochefort #27 most popular location
Rochefort is a small town situated on the Lomme, a tributary of the Lesse, in the S.E. of the province of Namur close to the Ardennes. It is of ancient origin, its position at the point where…
1travelers 2blogs
Bastogne #28 most popular location
The city of Bastogne is full of rich culture and history. The inhabitants are extremely American friendly to the point where they re-enact battles during WWII dressed as Americans and drivin…
4travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Genk #29 most popular location
This city is located in the province of Limburg and is a former miners city. Nowadays it a lovely place where you can shop, sit at a terrace and enjoy the sun. In the vicinity of Genk you …
21travelers 2reviews
Waterloo #30 most popular location
This is the city where in 1815 the Allied Anglo-Dutch Forces, under the command of the Duke of Wellington and the Prussions, led by Field-Marshall Blocher, put an end to Napoleon's dreams of …
9travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Ieper #31 most popular location
Ypres was one of the most important cloth producing and cloth trading cities of the county of Flanders in the high Middle-Ages. Bruges is known all over the world for being a beautifully pres…
12travelers 8reviews 5blogs
Lier #32 most popular location
Lier is one of the bigger cities in the province of Antwerp and is about 20 kilometers away from Antwerp. Lier offers you lots of possibities to shop, visit a nice museum or just go for a …
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Veurne #33 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
mons #34 most popular location
21travelers 2blogs
Grimbergen #35 most popular location
5travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Ixelles #36 most popular location
Ixelles(in Dutch: Elsene) is one of the 19 municipalities in the Brussels Capital Region, located in the south east from Brussels center. The origins of Ixelles date from the foundation of t…
7travelers 29reviews 1blogs
Zaventem #37 most popular location
13travelers 12reviews 4blogs
Koksijde #38 most popular location
3travelers 1blogs
Damme #39 most popular location
1travelers 1blogs
La Louviere #40 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Turnhout #41 most popular location
Turnhout is a city in the North of Belgium in the province of Antwerp. It's close to the border with the Netherlands. It's also the capital of the Kempen, which is a region in Belgium). Tu…
19travelers 1reviews
Vielsalm #42 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Antwerpen #43 most popular location
Belgium, they say, is boring. Whoever ‘they’ are, they obviously haven’t been to Antwerp. Belgium’s second city is fashionable, fast-paced, art loving, and more fun at night than most…
64travelers 5reviews
Francorchamps #44 most popular location
Dendermonde #45 most popular location
7travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Lommel #46 most popular location
Lommel is a municipality and a city in the region called the Kempen in the Belgian province of Limburg with 34,000 inhabitants in 2016. The name comes from Lommel Loemelo. Loem means moist, …
16travelers 1reviews
Tongeren #47 most popular location
8travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Tournai #48 most popular location
One the more spectacular items that strike straight when you get into Tournai is the Belfry Tower. The Belfry of Tournai is the oldest in Belgium and in Northern Europe. It is built on the si…
11travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Sint-Truiden #49 most popular location
12travelers 1reviews
Beauraing #50 most popular location
7reviews 3blogs