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Minsk #1 most popular location
Minsk is a beautiful city. Actually it is the national capital, and also the largest city in Belarus. Minsk was mentioned in chronicles first in 1067, and now this date is considered t…
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Brest #2 most popular location
The city of Brest is a bubbly town, blessed with appealing wood-framed buildings and unorthodox art, Brest Fortress is a depressing taste of WWII Belarusian resistance. The red-brick fort mar…
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Gomel #3 most popular location
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Mogilev #4 most popular location
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Baranavichy #5 most popular location
After Great Patriotic War Baranovichy became one of the biggest centers of Brestskaya voblast. Baranavochy is a nice green town. Its citizens love to spend their leisure time in two of the to…
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Mazyr #6 most popular location
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Hrodna #7 most popular location
The oversized-village feel of Hrodna – one of Belarus’ largest cities – gives the impression that modernity has entirely passed it by, with aging autos, wide-open streets and a hefty st…
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Fiedzkavicy #8 most popular location
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Nesvizh #9 most popular location
Nesvizh (Belarusian: Нясві́ж [nʲaˈsʲvʲiʐ]) is a city in Belarus. Nesvizh was first documented in 1223, later becoming a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the 15th centu…
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Freeway hotel in Belarus #10 most popular location
Eselabeodekaa #11 most popular location
Highway tollbooth in Belarus #12 most popular location