Beijing Silk Market

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Beijing, China
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Beijing Silk Market - Crazy Purse and shoes floor! (basment) Sry olny one fuzzy pi. but this place was crazy!!!
Beijing Silk Market - spelled Suit Wrong (and I bought my suit or 'siut from here) LOL 
Beijing Silk Market - Silk Street
Beijing Silk Market - Silk Street

Beijing Silk Market Reviews

Enigmaa Enigmaa
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Be ready to bargain! Jun 10, 2011
This place is as famous as The forbidden city in Beijing! That also means, that ALOT of people go there. So on Sundays or public holidays, its best to stay away all together.

However, are you looking for that new winter coat, new shoes, watch, glasses, scrafs.. you name it they got it! You can get it all for dirt cheap, but be ready to bargain like never before.. These stall girls get thousands of customers everyday, so they know what they are doing, and they know all the tricks of the trade... and they have probably invented a few more as well!

Ignore the fake crying, the yelling, pulling your arm and the stories about the cats, dogs, chrildren and elderly's they need to feed.. They are obviously just trying to get more money out of you. A good rule of thumb is you need to get them down to at least 20% of what they are origianlly asking!

If you are in the mood for it, this is good fun, and a place where you can pick up all the stuff you need for yourself and friends and family. But you do need that extra energy to keep haggling your day away!

Good luck :)
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AdrenalineJunkie13 Adrenali…
7 reviews
Comes with Silk, Propaganda, D&G Bag snf Custom POSH suit :::: Extra Luggage not included!!! Jun 25, 2008
Although The Silk Street Market is a 1/8th the size of the Mall of America the Silk Street Market sure as hell tried to pack all of goods of it in the 5 floor (including basement) building. I usually don’t like to hit up these kinds of touristy type shopping malls but, if you want any type of counterfeit high fashion accessories, Skiing Jackets, “exotic” silks, custom made suits, A.D.D. toys, Mao Zedong propaganda, new shoes, and absolutely no cash afterwards Silk Street Mall is your heaven but, soon to be hell! This place is great for bargaining it can be dirt cheap if you stick around and bargain as long as you need to, but this market will surely become a hellish nightmare once you plunge into a massive debt spiral of buying frivolous items and just before you crash and die from debt or of your arms detach due to over weight bags you might be lucky enough to find the exit to retire for the night!

The place is cramped and every shop keep wants your money they though can obtain about as much of it as you want to lose it. This is how I roll even though I spent close to 2000 Yuan I got a lot more than I would ever get for in the U.S. for its same amount ($300). I managed to purchase this much: 1 Quicksilver shirt, a Volcom shirt, a 2008 Olympics shirt, a China Football Jersey (w/ shorts), 1 Versace Clutch Purse, a pair of fake Nike 90 Football shoes, 1 black skinny tie, 2 Mao Zedong buttons and my favorite Purchase a custom made three piece suit black w/ purple lining in it for yours truly.

SO Bargaining (my method)

1. Know a rough estiment for the things you want to buy (to prevent what I call “O shit why did I buy this” Syndrome.

2. Know what you would pay in your own country and pay at least a 1/4th to ½ of the price (less if you can).

3. Go in and just look do your thing and once you find what you want Never I repeat NEVER let them know you really really want it till towards the end or they wont go down as much!

4. If you want something for 80 and its 160 say you want it for a ridiculous price of 40 and keep it going till they get to 80 or lower. Leave if you must and they will shout lower and lower (you can return)???

5. If you get close to your price for something not that valuable then just keep repeating your price and that should break them.

6. For really valuable things you won’t find them here! But for suits, silks and ect. You can get them for at least half the price of where you’re from usually!


Basically after a while your should tire of everyone raping my wallet continuously so you will leave after making another purchase while your leaving.
spelled Suit Wrong (and I bought m…
Silk Street
Crazy Purse and shoes floor! (basm…
HuBison says:
Guess I should just pack one suitcase and bring an empty one with me. Any problems leaving the country with bags full of stuff? A colleague of mine mailed some bulk items and when they went to the port to pick it up, half the stuff was gone!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2010
Flyinhigh says:
Love your haggling tips!!! I've used many of those before...right on!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009

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