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Bdadun Overview

The Palace was built in the early 1800's and took 30 years to build. You arrive through the “public” section Dar al-Baraniyyeh of the complex. It was intended for the general populace to gather and passing visitors were freely admitted.

This area has a commanding view of the valley and views if the city center across. From there we went to Dar al-Wousta or the central courtyard where the palace guards and offices were located. Then it was on to the Dar al-Harim the inner courtyard for the family.

The rooms of the Emir were so fantastic. They were heavily embellished and very well preserved. The details like water walls.cedar paneling, and many carved pieces were amazing. Unfortunately they would not allow us to take pictures in many of the rooms. The views from the gardens were simply breathtaking. There was also a large collection of mosaics in the gardens and old stables. I've seen many, many Roman mosaics and thee were many designs here that I've never seen anywhere.

There is also the master bath which was wonderfully preserved. The inlaid marble designs were incredible. Also the unusual brass fixures intrigued me. I was very impressed by the door hinges. They were carved wood attached to the wall. Their design was very islamic elemental.

Also, there was another interesting detail to be found. The workers on this construction were Christian and the design details, Islamic. To make their mark, in one of the hallways of the private residence, which was lit with circular holes in the ceiling with pieces of glass inserted, the design was a Christian cross. I wonder if anyone paid attention to this detail after construction?

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