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Batumi is one of the major cities of Georgia with an international airport the serves nearby destinations like Turkey and Ukraine, you may fly from Tbilisi or the other way around, a flight from Batumi to Tbilisi should be around 100GEL and it is an hour flight. if you want to save money you can go via a mini bus (sing. samarshruto taxi; pl. samarshruto taxebi) that would cost 20GEL and take around 6 hours.

it often rains in Batumi (showering sometimes) nonstop for days.

Batumi and its vicinities are one of the important tourism and resort spots on the Georgian Black Sea littoral. The climate is humid subtropical. The low annual amplitude of temperature, warm winter and hot summer are characteristic features of the city. The average annual temperature is 14,5C, the average temperature in January, the coldest month-is 7,1C and in August-the warmest month-23,2 C. The annual precipitation is 2560 mm. The showers are frequent. It rarely snows but when it does, the snow melts easily. The average annual temperature of the sea is 16,7 C at the shore.