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Koralifix Koralifix
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Would you like to copy me as well? Jun 22, 2009
Hi, it's me, the Conscience of a travel website called Batin Travel Blogs.

Not sure if you've already heard of this site or not but it's really worthwhile to read my confession!

I'm neither this site's creator, boss nor user, I'm just the quiet conscience in the background. Anyway, it's time to say a few things aloud which are not too likable but true.

I bet you'll agree if I say sharing unique travel experiences with many ambitious birds of a feather is a brilliant idea. And it's even more helpful that these like-minded people are able to communicate with each other and become friends.

'Batin Travel Blogs' is such a stage where people from all over the world are able to have travel fun together. So far so good.

I'm responsible for the morally compliance with certain and unmistakable rules!

Now the Batin operators have been doing something for a while that makes me sick so to say. I don't know why but they're copying numerous travel stories and reviews from the reliable TravBuddy website. In other words they adorn themselves with borrowed plumes!

Can't tell if it's because of jealousy, stupidity, sense of inferiority or a mixture of all these ingredients - it doesn't matter because the result is indigestible in the end!

I'm not really influential (who does listen to the conscience's opinion even if it's the absolutely right one?) but I can't stand this shameless plagiarism any longer.

I know you usually don't bite the hand that feeds you but I'd like to warn you not to trust Batin Travel Blogs!

Be sure, I haven't published this manifestation on Batin Travel Blogs but on TravBuddy.

I hope, nevertheless, you'll enjoy reading and writing travel blogs on TravBuddy, which is an excellent site to share experiences in a trustworthy way!

All the best to every traveler and travel blog writer!

Sincerely yours,

The Conscience of Batin Travel Blogs

PS: I’m totally delighted that the initiative of many TravBuddies has already been successful so that this 'Batin Travel Blogs' site is a thing of the past now! … Three cheers for the TravBuddy community!!!
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jendara says:
Well done my friend:)
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
Airportman says:
Great writing!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2009
marksreynolds says:
Well done, and congrats on this being featured!! :)
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
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