Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa

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Bath Fountain, Jamaica

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Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa Reviews

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The government spa hotel Jun 06, 2014
If you decide to stay a night at Bath Fountain you really haven’t got a lot of places to choose from - considering there is only one hotel at the spring itself - and I doubt there are many if any hotels down in Bath village itself. So obviously we ended up at this government run hotel.

The hotel has the perfect location for the hot spring in the area - I am sure that is why the hotel was actually build right here where it is and the road was build at one point to make travel to the hotel possible. There seems to be no other purpose for the road than serving the hotel and the hot spring nearby.

The hotel is pretty big with two stories and when we arrive only a few rooms are occupied so we can get to choose between them. They are all pretty basic though a few are without an attached bathroom and one has got a small balcony - we take a look at it but decide to go for a room without a balcony which on the other hand is located right next to a big common balcony which is much nicer than the small private balcony in the room.

The room is pretty basic with only most necessary and an old television - there is no air-condition in any of the rooms in the hotel. This will make the room slightly hot at night despite the fact the hotel is located half way up the mountains.

There is an en suite bathroom in the room which got a functioning toilet and a bath - which a bit surprisingly only has cold water running through the tubs. It is strange with only hot water in shower when you consider this is a spa which in the basement has got hot water at around 46 Celsius running out of the taps continuously day and night ensuring the spa in the basement always got very hot water in the tubs.

If you stay for a night it includes access to the spa in the basement. You are entitled to two bath a day during your stay and you can enjoy both an old style very deep bath and more modern looking spa bath - though the last comes at an additional fee of a couple of dollars - that is if anybody notice you jumped into the expensive part of the bath area. The air in this part of the world is hot - but the water in the spa is hotter so jumping in to the water is a pretty warm experience which is probably better suited for a colder climate. It is possible to turn on the cold tap and then drop the temperature a bit - but it takes a long while so if you want cold water to reduce the temperature you need a lot of patience.

There is only one place to eat at this place - the restaurant in the hotel. Unfortunately the restaurant kind of show this hotel is a government run. The opening hours are very restricted since all the staff of the hotel leave at 6 in the evening with the exception of the security guard in front. So you need to order the dinner in advance and it will arrive at 5.45 as the latest possible moment. You can then choose to eat it straight away or somehow manage to reheat it in the microwave. In the morning the staff comes back around eight which mean this is the time you can have breakfast.
The hotel
The view from the hotel
The room
The bathroom - without hot water
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gingerbatik gingerba…
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Bath Fountain Hotel & Spa Jun 06, 2014
The hotel location is really isolated somewhere far away from the city centre and passed many sugar cane farms in rural area and a bit difficult to find if you do not have a car gps since no road mark or road sign around the area and the road is made from dirt road only without seal gravel or asphalt . The road is used by the farmer to cultivated the sugar cane and lots of big truck and lorry in the very small road and once the truck stay in front of the car – we would not able to pass it since there were no other space – unless if the car want to make friend with the sugar cane trees.

We did not see other car pass the area when we drive toward the hotel and start wondering if we were at the right direction since it was a bit scary driving in the middle of nowhere but we could not turn around since no way to turn so we just drive following the car gps.

Finally we see the hotel building which is quite big with two stories building and hotel sign on it with big gate outside the parking lot and a security guy in front of gate. He asked if we were the hotel guest and then open the gate to let us drive through.

We walk a long hall way toward the reception area and asked if there is any room vacancy. It seems there were several room vacancies and we can choose the room which suitable to us.

The room itself pretty basic and old without any modern amenities, however it has an en suite bathroom. There were no air condition in the whole building, but the room has a small fan for guest to use if the temperature get too warm inside. The towels provided was old and well used, at least it was clean. The toiletry provided freely.

Interestingly, there were no hot water inside our room and it only has cold water. So we decided to take advance of the spa facilities and soak up in their hot spring water at night time and in the morning since it was free for hotel guests – we can use the spa facilities freely twice a day.

The hotel itself was quite since not many people stay at the place, our next door neighbour where local Jamaican who live in the USA and come for a visit.

The hotel restaurant only open until six pm, so if we want to have dinner, we have to order in advance and the staff will prepare and put our dinner in our room and we have to heat it up in the microwave (provided) inside the restaurant. Tea and coffee were free during afternoon and night time. We order dinner of Jamaican specialty of goat curry and surprisingly it taste pretty good and I really like the dishes since we could not get any goat meat especially in Europe.

In the morning the staff come at eight am and hotel guests can have breakfast during that time. Breakfast is not included in the room rate but the food here pretty cheap.
the hotel building
the hotel sign on the wall
the bedroom
the bedroom
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