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Bat Overview

Bat is a small village in the Dhahirah region of Oman. The village is quite isolated and would be unknown were it not for the nearby Beehive Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although the town has electricity, there are no hotels and nothing beyond bare bones necessities available.

Perhaps underscoring how remote Bat is, the nearest towns where you can find lodging (Ibri or Nizwa) are two hours away. Although your visit to Bat is likely to be brief, there is no denying the awesome setting with views of Jebel Misht and other Hajar mountains. Jebel Misht is an impressive 8,000 foot peak which looms as a huge chunk of rock in the distance - it is, in fact, a popular rock climbing destination and likely the sole other reason any foreigners might pass through Bat...

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