Basilica del Voto Nacional

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Quito, Ecuador

Basilica del Voto Nacional Quito Reviews

andrejav andrejav
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Basilica Jun 17, 2014
This is a great place to visit, and you can spend lots of time exploring this church. It is modern dwelling, made mostly out of concrete and metal. Outside church looks like Gothic style Roman catholic churches and it has lots of gargoyles that follow animals and birds of the Ecuador. In the basement you will get into large catacombs area with many passages filled with graves and small chapel. Inside of the church is nicely decorated with stained glass and beautiful arches, but the main attraction for me is climbing up to the towers! Ticket is not expensive, but it is double more than what locals pay (must be because I am taller or heavier…). There are three towers to climb, two “clock towers” and one spike which is my favorite. To get to the “spike” you will have to walk over the roof of the church on the wooden path that cracks here and there. You will have to climb steep ladders and walk on not so safe area, but rewards are high and adventure perfect! In the big towers there are bathrooms, souvenir shops and small restaurant.
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pixie_power pixie_po…
5 reviews
Another city view! Sep 23, 2013
This Basilica is in the historical quarter of Quito and you won't miss it as its towers dominate the skyline. It costs $1 to enter the cathedral itself which is beautiful, with staibed glass windows, candles and sculptures. However, speakig from the point of view of someone who has been to many cathedrals, it wasn't jawdroppingly different (anyone with specialist knowledge of art/architecture may contradict me on that, i'm pretty ignorant onthese matters!).

What makes this really worth seeing are the towers. You can buy another ticket (for $2 I think) in a little ticket office beside the cafe in the plaza surroudinhg the cathedral which allows you to climb up the stairs to the left of the main entrance. You can admire the stained glass up close and theres a fairly tasteful souvenier shops, with free tourist maps of quito. Theres a lift too if you don't feel up to the stairs! Then you cross over the ceiling of the nave on a long plank bridge, climb a steep ladder, and reach a little walkway around the outside of one of the towers (no idea what the technical term is... steeple?) From there you can climb another disturbinggly steep ladder to the top of the tower and enjoy a great view of the city and the panecillo (another viewpoint). Definitely do this if you're in Quito,
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Toonsarah Toonsarah
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Basilica del Voto Nacional Oct 25, 2012
When we stood on El Panecillo, looking north, Marcello pointed out to us the Basilica del Voto Nacional, unusual in being of neo-Gothic design in predominantly Baroque Spanish colonial old Quito. And when we descended the hill it was the next place we visited.

The Basilica is the largest neo-Gothic church in all of the New World – 140 metres long and 35 metres wide; 74 metres high in the transept, and 115 metres the height of its two front towers. It took almost 100 years to build, from the laying of the first stone in 1892 until its inauguration in 1988 – although technically it is considered unfinished, as a local legend says that when the Basílica is completed, the world will end.

It dominates this part of the city, and can be seen from all over town. Growing up in northern Europe, where Gothic (both original and neo-) is a commonly seen architectural style, I was less impressed by the Basilica than I felt I was expected to be by our lovely hosts for the day, for whom this must be an unusual and impressive building. It was interesting though to see how the exterior, though European in appearance, had borrowed elements from the country’s natural wealth, with gargoyles inspired by iguanas, monkeys, armadillos, pumas and Galápagos tortoises.

Inside I was more impressed. Although the grey stone interior is plain, even sombre, when compared with the ornate Baroque of, say, La Compañia, it is lit by some marvellous stained glass windows. I especially loved the kaleidoscope-like rose windows above the north and south transepts (see photo four). Behind the main altar was another treasure – a small, much more colourful chapel dedicated to the Virgin and reserved for prayer (so no photos are allowed here, unlike the main church).

I knew from my research that it is possible to climb to the top of one of the Basilica’s tallest towers and, despite the dodgy knee that was slightly hampering my sightseeing, I would have liked to have given this a go, or at least taken the lift to the first level of the climb. But Marcello was keen to show us more of his city in the one day we had available to spend with them, so I had to be content with looking around at ground level.
Basilica del Voto Nacional from th…
In the Basilica del Voto Nacional
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Stained glass, Basilica del Voto N…
ciqua ciqua
3 reviews
A visit into the past Aug 16, 2011
We walked from the Plaza Grande up the street to La Basilica and it was just like WOW! The ancient architecture, the hidden chapels inside (GOLD!), the stunning stain-glassed windows. Well worth it! We took a lot of pictures and it was all FREE!!
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yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Beautiful and great view from Basilica del Voto Nacional Jul 13, 2009
If you are in Quito, visiting the Basilica is a high MUST. Old Town is part of Quito sightseeing and you can't miss the 35m high Basel.

This huge Gothic church is huge! 150m long x 35m wide. It's located on a hill, northwest from the main square.

You can climb the towers and get an amazing view of the whole city. Don't be afraid of all the stairs you have to climb. There's also an elevator, hahaha. Although you take the elevator, you'd need to climb some stairs at the top in order to reach the very very top.

The whole architecture of the Basel is impressive. Well Gothic architecture is that way.

There's a courtyard where you can find some stairs going down. There are catacombs under the Basel and former presidents of Ecuador were buried there. Take a close look at the gargoyles. Instead of the regular ones, you'll find iguanas, turtles and lamas.


going inside the Basel and the courtyard is free, but if you want to climb the towers you have to pay a small fee

Tourists: US$ 2

Locals: US$ 1


When I was there, it was a gorgeous and sunny day, but even though it can get a bit windy, specially at the top in the afternoon.

If you are sightseeing around Old Town. I'd suggest to visit the Basilica first. Since it's on a hill, it would be easier to walk down later, hehe. The bad thing is that the other churches you'd see later wouldn't be as pretty as the Basilica :)
the ticket
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