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Fuzhou, China

Bars in Fuzhou Reviews

sunnylsp sunnylsp
1 reviews
Very nice to know this Jul 26, 2010
Hi, nice to know you!

I just feel so fun that you have the same experience as my boyfriend, haha , he is swedish, and we met each other in Jack Music bar, after that, we've been very good friend..... several month later, we got together.

Now, we plan to get married in the end of this year. Both of us think Jack Music bar is our lucky bar, let's found each other...

Thanks to share your experience here, that's a nice trip
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ophirh ophirh
23 reviews
Jun 04, 2006
Before I start writing here my experience with the bars in Fuzhou, please bear in mind that all of this was reviewed and written by a White man who travels by himself. It's important, because I'm sure for a chinese person or for a woman, all of this will feel different.

Jack Bar - Located close to the junction of Beida Lu and Yangqiao Lu, very close to the city center. This bar is the best bar for foreigners, and actually quite populated by them (I saw one night upto 8 white people, which is a record for me here). The people here are very friendly, the staff is great, and the population speaks some english. I met here many nice people, who took care of my visit, and one of them became my girlfriend. I highly recommend this bar. Come here and you won't feel lonely.

Party Bar - around 50 meters south of the main gate of the west lake (Xi Hu Gong Yuan - west lake park). This bar is a nice bar with live music, but no foreigners come here since some guy got murdered there a year ago by a local chinese man over some stupid fight for talking to his girlfriend. I was there twice, and got bored twice. Not recommended!

Eden Bar - 50 meters southern from Party Bar lies this nice bar, very cute, with free pool table and nice staff. The prices are good, the population here is nice, and it's a much better choice than Party Bar if you are in this area. This place is also not populated by foreigners, but still worth the while.

California Sunshine - It's hard for me to explain where it is, let's just say it's a bit north and east from the west lake park. This place is a cool dance bar, a bit pricey comparing to the other bars, but has a very beautiful population and sometimes nice music. It used to be a place for foreigners but not anymore. But still, everybody is very friendly here, the girls are pretty and the guys are friendly - had to drink something like 7 bottles of beer with other people who just grab me and shove a bottle into my hand, on the other hand, it's very cheap to drink like that :) just know that the music is ok, not amazing, sometimes it sounds like music from some wedding, with songs like "I did it my way" and sometimes it's nice Hip-Hop or even slow dance. The good thing is that the atmosphere is very light and fun, and that's what counts here.

1-2-3 Bar - lies on Bai Ma Lu and is a nice live performance pub (and not bar). For me it was disappointing because it was too quiet and when coming alone, it's not fun to sit by yourself next to a table. I guess that in a group it's better place to hang out and enjoy quiet evening. Recommended for this purpose only ;)

2046 - a bit to the north of 1-2-3 Bar on Bai Ma Lu, just under the ground, there's this bar which looks really nice and has great potential. Can't tell you how it's really like cuz when I was there I was the only one there, which wasn't nice for someone who looks to meet new people. But I hope it will be better there as it does look really nice.

International Club and the other 2 next to it - this is a set of 3 places, a door next a door, that consist of some weird bar (the one in the middle) which is usually empty and people stopped going there, a crazy club full of young chinese people with chinese music - great place to see the young people enjoy themselves, but bear in mind the population is quite young here. The last one, the international club is a waste of time.

That's all. Bear in mind again, This is my thoughts only, on given nights, and I guess that someone else would think just the opposite from me. But still, it's a good start for strangers in the city, at least the names of the places :)

One last remark, most places close around 2-2:30 in the morning. A bit early for night birds from the western countries, but it's still OK (better than the english law of 23:00).

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