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Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona - long walk
Barcelona - for break fast
Barcelona - the apartment where i stayed
Barcelona - it was raining
Barcelona - Street which never i will forget
Barcelona - Madrid

Barcelona Reviews

Hardlike Hardlike
2 reviews
Nice, calm ,cheap and romantic Jun 09, 2014
I have been in Barcelona last summer. Actually it was a choice of my girlfriend and i didn't know that it would be a good choice when you think of big cities like Paris,Madrid,Rome ...

But it was a good choice,cos city is like it is made only for tourists. Everything is in order and you can easily find what you are looking for. There is only one problem none of the tourists don't know the city and spanish people don't speak english.

This city can be romantic with its' beaches with your girl friend and a cup of wine but at the same time can be fantastic with your friends by watching barcelona matches and crowded city center full of tourists.

There are many historical places to see and take photo, transportation is very easy and cheap. Meals are delicious, and different cultutre a bit close to catalan.

But if you will visit here dont forget to take a map or gps device for not to get lost and not to ask a spanish if you are not speaking spanish :)
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rajagopalvk rajagopa…
2 reviews
East of West Night is always Dark May 03, 2012
After a good shower got out of the hotel room around 11.40 pm and walked towards La ramblas through "Carrer De Jaume 1" (Street name), there were few in the road, saw few police men questioning a guy who is drunk, i went to them to find out the road to the disco, even though they direct me the road i am sure they are exhausted after the daylong work, i walked though the street a guy suddenly appeared next to me and showed me a paper of Brazilian zamba dance and the night party, i walked quickly to avoid him he just pulled my right hand and he put his leg in between my legs which made me fall, in that fraction of seconds he put his fingurs into my jeans front pocket and took something out, i had a Iphone, 500 Euros and a packet of cigarettes, i just pushed him and ran back towards the police, i checked my pocket again i have not lost my phone nor my 500 Euros, yes he managed to take the packet of cigarettes. I was upset on these happenings it reminds me the calls what Mrs. Maria-Ange gave me, it reminds me what Christina told me, no i understood what they mean by saying "Mind your baggage and wallets" . I never want my birthday to end in such a nasty manner walked back to the room and took a chill beer from the fridge drank and slept. For sure the police men standing around the area do know such things happens, and only god knows how many of fellow tourist would have been a pray like me in those hands. For sure our place "Gods own country" Kerala - India is really a "Gods own country "
Street which never i will forget
it was raining
the apartment where i stayed
rdlemos rdlemos
17 reviews
Barcelona - Feel the breeze! Dec 17, 2011
After a rough breakup with my ex who lives in Madrid, I took a plane to Barcelona where some friends from Mexico and Spain live for some years already. It was time to think, so I arrived there and found a room to rent. It was a nice place owned by a nice lady (most of the time) and it was located near Fontana Station (green line). The link for this flat is

Barcelona is a really touristic city and you can see all those tourists around, fighting for a spot to take a picture of some attraction. So you can see Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, museums, Montjuic castle, parks, Tibidabo, Barceloneta beach and many other things. Alright, take one or two pictures in each spot but don't waste your time on usual touristic routes.

There is something that I always say: enjoy your time as a local, especially if your holidays aren't that long. Visit the local markets, the little alleys, grab a coffee in a random cafe house, try to visit beaches that aren't that busy and maybe a little outta town, walk along the docks, observe the ocean, feel the breeze on your face...

I have some friends around the world and in Barcelona I was hanging out with them. So everyday we had different plans and it was so much fun. An example of that was to make barbecue in one of my friend's flat - which is on the top of a building - and admire the view of Barcelona with the ocean in the background, framed by the orange sky at sunset.

Money does not buy these experiences and you must have them to make your trip worth it.

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Vioweil says:
I love Barcelona and visit it every year. Unfortunately I don`t have any friends there so I am one of those who follows the touristic routes and fights for a spot to take a picture:(
Posted on: Dec 24, 2011
305traveler 305trave…
15 reviews
Street sales Aug 26, 2011
Before I went on my trip to, Barcelona, Spain, I was told a number of things. But the one thing that really stood out, mainly because I had never come across something like this, was that apparently there is a way for pickpockets to approach that involves children rushing up to you in groups and as they are begging for money, pick your pockets. I did not experience at all, whether it be attempted on me or anyone that I could see within distance. However I did notice something that I would like to bring to attention. In some of the side streets, mainly deeper into the side streets, there were small groups of men that would sell six packs of beer to any random person. Even though this does not seem like a big deal, I believe it was, because what I believe they do is approach you with the beer and when or if you pull out money or a wallet, they take the wallet and run. So side streets can be some what troublesome if you are not careful.
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sylviandavid says:
Wow.... good scam... thank you...
Posted on: Aug 29, 2011
Bucefalo Bucefalo
15 reviews
vida loca a barcelona Aug 25, 2011
Non mi viene in mente niente che non mi sia piaciuto, e' una bellissima città con un'atmosfera completamente diversa dalle nostre, la gente ti dà informazioni appena le chiedi con gentilezza, i posti da visitare sono tanti (dalla Sagrada Familia alle rambe alla barceloneta, museo di picasso ecc..) Per muoverti sui mezzi, ci sono oltre al T10 che tutti conoscono, ma che ti permette di andare solo nella zona specifica (c'e' quello per la zona 1-2-3 ecc..) anche biglietti turistici che ti permettono di andare dappertutto su tutti i mezzi pubblici in tutta la città. Un biglietto da 5 giorni costava € 24,10 (puo' essere che con il 2011 ci siano degli aumenti) Bellissima in particolare la Placa Real, e lo spettacolo della fontana magica tra le 19.00 e alle 21.00, Barcelona è un posto stupendp!!!!
i_love_travelling i_love_t…
3 reviews
Barcelona, Spain Mar 09, 2011
Everything in Spain is cheaper than in France or Germany. But one thing you need to be aware is the pickpockets. There are so many pickpockets everywhere especially in the Subway station. Even though I and my friend were super careful on our my first day in Barcelona, still she got her camera and wallet that she put in her shoulderbag was pickpocketted without her knowledge. These pickpockets are well trained. SO be SUPER SUPER Careful.
Lukasz_Dembowski Lukasz_D…
2 reviews
Barcelona muy buena !!! Dec 11, 2008
Unfortunately it was the only city I've visited in Spain so far :(

But it's one of the best places I've been to and I recommend it to anyone that comes to that area :)

There's no other place like the capital of Catalunya, with it's atmosphere full of life and great energy :))

Of course there are many wonderful sights to see, but apart from that it's overall great place to be, and if you enjoy nightlife it's a must for you to visit :)
Purdy Purdy
37 reviews
Feb 11, 2007
Back in February/March 2003, myself and my other half jetted off to Barcelona for a 4-night stay. To be honest it was his Christmas pressy from me – though it was a city l have always wanted to visit!! I was not disappointed.


Booking was easy – the flights were through Easy Jet from Belfast to Luton and Luton to Barcelona. I’m sorry lm not putting cost in but if Paul reads this he knows how much l spent on his present!! I booked through the web and it couldn’t have been simpler. I know Easy Jet fly to Barcelona from other UK cities such as Newcastle so its best to search and see what bests suits you.

I found our hotel on Time Out web site – although this is only one of a plethora of sites offering to sort you out with accommodation in various European Cities. We stayed at a Buenos Hotel (Good Hotel) supposed to be 3-4 star l would disagree, but in saying that it was clean comfortable and the buffet breakfast surprisingly good.

Getting around in the City

In Barcelona we purchased a 3-day Barcelona card at the train station at the airport. These were extremely good value. The metro was fantastic taking you to wherever you wanted to go with extreme ease. Language barriers were no problem and English explanations were provided. It also provided travel on the buses and trains also. As well as all that free travel we were presented with at discount book, which got us, discount in a variety of tourist attractions, stores, bars and restaurants. Well recommended.

Food and Drink

It’s a cosmopolitan city, what more can l say really? There’s anything the palate can desire – we ate at a lovely Thai Restaurant on the Saturday night of our stay – Thai Gardens – superbly decorated, wonderful atmosphere, attentive staff and glorious food. I did have one mishap; we ate on our last evening in a fusion type place. My Spanish isn’t great and l wasn’t sure at all what to order so l eventually settled on steak tartar – well wasn’t it not a lump of raw minced steak whacked on my plate! Now l hate wasting food, and will always give something a good try before dismissing it – well readers l did try honest, but at times we do eat with our eyes and l just could not stomach this raw meat! The texture really had my tummy doing turns!! In saying this the tiramisu for afters more than made up for it!!

The Sights

I must state from the outset – Barcelona has enough gems packed into her that it could keep you busy for weeks; we only visited for 4 days! So what l am doing is going to pick my 3 favourite sites and describe briefly them.

Sagrada Familia

Probably the city’s most famous land mark. The unfinished cathedral – is a breath-taking site. We visited twice firstly on the Saturday morning just simply to view the spectacular facades and then on a Monday morning to go inside for a closer look. On the Saturday morning, the weather was fantastic, there is a pond across the road from the gothic façade and we simply stood in amazement at this man-made work of art. Beside us local old men were indulging in a strange skittles type boles game, the sun was beaming – it all added to such a magical atmosphere. The queues to get inside were quite bad on the Saturday so we chose to come back on the Monday morning.

The cathedral itself is still under construction and you can see for yourself the master craftsmen plying their trades. I would suggest you have a good head for heights when you climb the turrets – l myself do not but Paul ever the mountaineer did and took video footage for me! The cathedral is famous for being the brainchild of the famous architect Anonti Gaudi whose outlandish architecture sets Barcelona apart. The architect is actually buried within the Cathedral. It is hoped that in approx 2020 the Cathedral will finish, and a museum within its grounds show us computer generated images of what the finished product should look like. Entrance price to the Sagrada Famila is approx 6 euros and it can be found at C. Mallora, 401. There is also a metro stop close by of the same name.

Parc Guell

When the weather is good as it was on our visit there is nothing better than visiting Parc Guell. This was probably my favourite sight to visit. So relaxed yet loads to do and see. At the main entrance there is the famous dragon sculpture – although you may not get close to it with the hoards of tourists taking photographs. Its amazingly coloured and seemingly all mosaic tiles. The park is another of Gaudi’s amazing inventions. Originally going to be a housing development for the rich of the city but it fell by the wayside and did not take of as hoped, although it is an amazing tourist attraction now. If we move on up we can see the undulating bench – known to some as the snake bench! If you stand and look out over the city the views are amazing, and again it is in the ceramic mosaic tile style. Also in the park are Gaudis house which has now also been turned into a museum – it wont take you long to see the displays and it gives you a chance to look into the mindset of this genius.

We travelled by and metro to the parc and it took us a good few hours to wander and meander around it. It was perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Gothic Quarter

This is not so much an attraction stand alone, but a perfect area for exploring around. The area is a concentration of gothic architecture and is just of the main thoroughfare of La Ramblas. I just loved wandering around the dark narrow cobbled streets, which open out onto small squares when you least expected it. We wandering around and found small cafes to sit and watch the world go by. We even came across 2 men playing a clarinet and a push box thingy. Two small girls thought they would get up and dance to the music, it was enchanting. The main square is that of Placa de Sant Jaume where there is a magnificent gothic cathedral and if you get there at the right time on a Saturday evening hear an orchestra play whilst locals indulge in some dancing. Again this simply all added to the ambience of the area. It is advised though not to go wandering alone at night, as safety may not be great.

There are many many other sights to see and do in Barcelona – Montjuci, La Pedrera, Tibidiao, The Aquarium, Picasso Museum, La Rambla, Casa Bartoli, Cable Car rides, FC Barcelona – really the list is endless. There really is so much to see and do, it’s a wonderful city and l cannot wait for a return visit.

There is a host of information available on the city such as; to name but 2. I would most definitely advise purchasing a guidebook – we took the time out guide (cost is about £10) and found it invaluable – a real tourist bible.

So if you considering a city break l really would advise Barcelona it’s amazing.
piabakker piabakker
1 reviews
Aug 23, 2007
If i had one night in Barca i would go to hotel Las Ramblas, there you are very close to allmost everything!

Playa de Catalunya is very beautifull , there you can relax but allso go to bars or restaurants, the Ramblas itself is a nice crowdy place!

You can look it op on the internet! hotel Las Ramblas, ive bin there and ...o just go there it will be great! haaha

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