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Advice & Saftety Tips about Barcelona Jan 24, 2015
I have been to barcelona 15 times and i love this city. I am writing this because i get tired of seeing tourists falling for traps in this amazing city.

Let's start by La Ramblas, main attraction street in Barcelona, well the middle lane of the street is always so crowded you have to fight your way to pass most of the time, that being said that's where most of the pick pocketing happens... Don't even think of putting your wallet in your back pocket you ll loose it before finishing half of Las ramblas. As for ladies flashing nice bags, well even during the day it's not uncommon a fast thief would snatch your bag pull you to the ground and just run with it, i have witnessed it at least 3 times. If you are walking las ramblas walk on the side lanes and be very aware of your surroundings.

Scams, well the most famous one is one that consists of three match boxes and a small ball, i still find it crazy how many unaware tourists fall for it. Well plane simple a guy on the grounds surrounded by a group of collaborators attracts crowd curiosity by their number and their noise, people come closer, they pretend they are playing a game to try to guess under which match box is the white ball and for guessing you have to pay 50 euros, and suddenly a couple of the collaborators loose and one of them suddenly win all the money, that can get exciting for some tourists. What they don't know that these are scam artists and there is no way you are walking away with any money from them, the moment they fool a tourist they disband quickly and move to another spot.

Drugs: Well if you walk in las Ramblas after 5 pm, you ll be asked at least a 100 times if you want some, police can be 50 meters away and they turn a blind eye, to avoid them keep walking and avoid eye contact, the other place is in Barcelonetta while taking the stairs to the clubs near the beach.

Walking at night, well some areas are safe and some i wouldn't dare walk into at night, if you had too many drinks just take a taxi it would cost around 7 euro but you ll get back safe. Also beware of the lady boys at the exists of the nightclubs, they are experts at pick pocketing, don't let them get near you.

As for booking your hotel, either stay in Catalunya if you like shopping or Barcelonetta if you like the beach and clubbing. I personally like El born area. Needless to stay the price/ value for accommodation in Las Ramblas is horrible.
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