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Barbados is arguably one of the most famous of the Caribbean islands, and is continually ranked among the highest countries of the world in the Human Development Index, and is the third within the Americas behind the US and Canada. It is one of the most popular destinations for travelers on cruises, as well as for people simply coming to the Caribbean for the first time, and is a favorite among many others who come back year after year to experience the culture and climate of this island country.

If history is what you are after, then Barbados will fulfill your every fantasy. The area is full of historic buildings dating back to the plantation era, and old lighthouses dot the coastline from the days when ships were guided in by their lights. In addition, the pirates of the Caribbean once used Barbados as a base and there are castles, houses, and buildings dating back several hundred years, giving visitors the chance to experience the cultural significance of the island.

For first-time travelers it is recommended that you experience what are known as the Seven Wonders of Barbados. These are the top spots on the island of historical, natural, or architectural interest. Harrison’s Cave, The Baobab Tree, the Jacobean Mansions, the Morgan Lewis Mill, the Jewish Synagogue, the Cannon Galore, and the Grapefruit Tree.

However, Barbados is a Caribbean island, after all, and no trip to the Caribbean is complete without some time on the beaches or in the water. Surfers will find the eastern beaches a natural source of waves, while the southern and western coasts provide a more sheltered, serene environment. From coral reefs and sandstone cliffs to wide, sandy beaches, there are plenty of choices available on Barbados, regardless of your personal preference.

Barbados is a haven for any type of traveler, new or old. Accommodations range from budget to luxury, and with all the history and beaches to choose from you will find yourself hard-pressed to pack it all into just one trip.

Of you want a nice sandy beach go to the west side (Caribbean side) cuz the east is the rocky beaches with strong water currents.

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Oistins #10 most popular location
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Dover #11 most popular location
Speightstown #12 most popular location
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