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Barambang Island Overview

Barambang Island is an island located around 10-minute boatride off Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of Brunei. Not much is known about the island even among the locals as it is hardly explored by anyone. There is a small village there called Menunggol with about 1,000 residents. There is hardly any mean of transportation at all and those that are available are dilapidated. The only public transportation there was an old van belonging to a man called Haji Wahab. The fare varies from 50 cent to a dollar.

The island is divided into 5 villages: Barambang, Buang Piai, Menunggol Tengah, Menunggol Laut and Rigong. On the other side of the island is actually Malaysia's Limbang. But there is no immigration post to get there from the Barambang island.

Places to visit there: The Batu Bertingkat (tiered rock) believed by locals there as used to be a top belonging to a mythical hero Awang Semaun. There is also many caves, many yet to be explored. The most interesting one is probably the abandoned coal mine that was used by the Japanese army as their headquarter during the 2nd world war. Some said that the mine goes deep under the river bed and go across the side of the river... it is yet to be proven... so if you want a place that has never been explored by anyone... this is your place!

There is no place to stay there but I don't think you need one anyway as you can always finish your exploration on the island in less than a day.

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