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Phuket, Thailand

Bangla road Phuket Reviews

Bateman Bateman
5 reviews
Worth A Visit Aug 14, 2013
WOW!!! Bangla Road. Probably the most famous road in Phuket.

Okay during the day you can walk along Bangla do your shopping at small stalls and grab a bite to eat at McDonalds but it's when the sun goes down that all the excitement starts.

From 8:30pm onwards The road is Blocked Off to Traffic and all the night spots, gogo bars, beer bars and night workers come out.

The road is always packed, even in low season you have to push your way through the crowds of tourists ranging from solo sex tourists to elderly couples just there for the experience.

Plenty of flashing lights, loud music and street vendors trying to sell you glowing or flashing items.

The Beer bars are just like a pub/bar you'd find at home except they're open to the road. You can go In order your drinks, sit down and watch the tourists go past in relative peace.

The gogo's are a bit different. These are more enclosed buildings and often have a number of poles with scantily clad women dancing for tips and the chance to buy them a lady drink.

Here Girls will spin on poles, sit down and chat with you or challenge you at various bar games they have like connect four, or a dice rolling game.

The girls are extremely well practiced at these games and Farangs (Foreigners) have like a 20% chance of actually winning. If you loose one of these games you will have to buy the girl another lady drink but if you win you get yours for free.

If you fancy one of the dancers here all you have to do is show some attention to her, buy her a couple of lady drinks and then ask to pay the "bar fine" (Fee payed to the bar for taking the girl off premises). This Fee is normally around the 1000bht per hour.

Once you have "hired" the girl of your choosing you can then do whatever you want with them. Take them to a short time room for sex, take them for a massage with you or just walk around and talk with them.

After you have finished your time with the girl you will then pay her for her time. This varies on whether she actually likes you or not and prices range from 500bht-4000bht. Keep in mind if you take them to your hotel, short time room or massage, YOU will have to pay for both you and her.

These girls jobs are to make you feel as loved and special as possible and a lot of Tourists end up falling in love with them and going back to their country and sending them money. This is not advised. Even though they say they will not be working, they will be. It's not because they're sleazy or trying to scam you, it's just the way things work over there and you have to understand this.

Also along Bangla Road are the famous Lady Boys/Trannies. While their surgery is fantastically done it is still fairly easy to spot them and a lot of the time they will flash you their breasts or hike up their skirts. If you take a photo of a Lady Boy be prepared to pay anything from 50-200bht. This fee must be payed as they travel in packs and you do NOT want to anger them.

You will see people holding exotic animals that you can have your photo taken with. Again, do NOT go for this. While it is cute the animals are highly sedated each night and do not live very long in captivity and paying for these photos only encourages this behaviour.

Exact same reason you should NOT buy from one of the children under 10 you may see walking up and down trying to sell things.

Okay after the bars have closed the discos go into full swing. Plenty of loud modern music and beats and here you can find a girl without having to pay the 1000bht bar fine so it is a bit cheaper.

Just a helpful little note, even though there are plenty of atm's along Bangla road a lot of them will not work after 10pm as they have ran out of receipt paper. So get your money out before you hit Bangla. I spent roughly 10,000bht a night but I partied heavily, drinking, buying smokes, paying bar fines and getting massages with my chosen girl. most can get away with 4000bht per night on Bangla.

*Going back to the falling in love with the gogo girls. I had full intention on not falling for one. But ended up choosing same girl each night and have been searching for her online ever since I got home to Australia. Very easy to do.
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Reinard says:
Thanks bro for your useful advices :)
Posted on: Jul 19, 2015
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pookie pookie
14 reviews
Saw things I wasn't prepared for... Nov 20, 2012
This crazy little strip makes Las Vegas look like a kiddie park! My husband and I just spent an evening walking up and down the road taking in the sights, sounds, and 3 for 1 tequila shots. We were also able to buy cigars and watch dancers in windows and on top of bars. I think one of the main attractions would have to be the Ping Pong Shows, which are offered to you every couple steps. I don't think I can accurately describe a Ping Pong Show without breaking the profanity rule here... Although the thought made me laugh, the show was not something I was interested in watching. Sadly, Ping Pong shows are the most innocent of the shows they offer. Some contained live animals. That's a bummer.

Aside from that, Bangla Road is a fun way to spend an evening and let loose. Cheap drinks, dancing, street food, and pool. Plenty of entertainment, even for those who aren't looking for the hardcore stuff.
A pole dancer in a window
Queit bar and some pool
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spocklogic says:
Sounds like a bit of a 'walk on the wild side' ; )
Posted on: Nov 21, 2012
shafieq shafieq
15 reviews
The most happening place of patong, phuket Sep 05, 2012
Interesting and a ' must-visit' place in Phuket. To see the colours and other side of Phuket. For adults only, not for children. Lots of bars, agogo, spanking clubs, pole dance, music, food, people and theres a lot of ladyboy which u cant say they are a girl or boy. what happened to the world?lol. Just walk along the road from one end to another and in case u want to see what is inside, ask for their permission to enter and see first of what's going on inside. there's no dress code, wear whatever you want.
xotictraveller xotictra…
1 reviews
Bangla rd May 12, 2011
I was excited to be in phuket bit realized after i got there that phuket in it self has nothing to offer than bars and clubs. It was fun fir a few days bit spending 7 days in phuket alone was not the smartest idea. Though its very cheap and cool, bit if youre not a party animal then 3-4 days should be enough.

Its good move around islands of thailand. I spent 2 nights in samui and wish and spent more time there. The not-so-crazy party theme in this island is something i liked. I think it very much suites mature couples.
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carlamaria92 carlamar…
1 reviews
Bangla road travelling alone Jul 25, 2011
Well been here for 5 days and actually promised my mom to not drink while im here alone... Whatever i forgot that even the 2nd night. The first night i didnĀ“t go to bangla at all, but stayed in ocean view cuz there was a birthday party over there. Thats where i usually start my outgoing time every day. A few drinks at the bar and then over to Bangla Road.. Its not hard to get to know people here thoug.. i mostly get to know men, but its easier to get friends with them. Started the first night with some guys at the kangaroo bar, an Australian bar. Then went over to Soi easy and got burning ice shots! May check out my facebook page for the photos! I would reccomend if you travel alone that you find some friends, maybe guys cuz they really takes care of you if there should be any trouble. and try to stay away from glass drinks with ice cubes in it at Bangla.. I had to be taken care of by my friend bentley all yesterday bcause of that!
nawabkt nawabkt
4 reviews
Good for nigthlife Jul 14, 2011
Been to bangla road phuket its a very nice place for nigthlife nice bars and very nice discos and specially go go bars love going there again and again specially seduction disco one of my favourites and the other one is hollywood disco nice crowd nice setup to enjoy
rids1989 rids1989
4 reviews
Bangla road Apr 22, 2011
Is going strong all dday and all night but goes off tap t night, over a hundred bars and clubs, cheap food, funny entertainers, cheap merchandise, people partying everywhere, claasic attractions and crazy shemans running everywhere haha

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