Bamiyan Travel Guide

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Bamiyan Overview

Bamiyan is one of the prize location for world travelers. This serene valley of undescribable beauty was ravaged by the Taliban and the Afghan civil war. However, it is again possible to visit Bamiyan, and the niches where the largest Buddhas in the world once stood, can still be visited. While the Taliban destroyed the giant buddhas carved into the limestone cliffs, they were unable to destroy the niches in which they stood. Further, the surrounding cliffs still host a honeycomb of caves that were once a thriving buddhist monastery complex.

Nearby are other attractions such as Shahr-e-Gholghola (The city of screams) destroyed by Ghenghis Khan in the 11th century, and Zohak Fort (the Red City) whose red cliffs are supposed to have turned that color from the blood of those defending the city from the same conqueror.

Also close by are the Band-i-Amir Lakes, some of the most awe-inspiring places of natural beauty anywhere in the world. To visit Bamiyan or Band-i-Amir, you can contact Great Game Travel as